Is this your miracle product for a perfect skin?


Me-time is one of the most important things. Unfortunately we also often forget to take time for it and there’s so much we can do next to taking a bath with bubbels, watching some Netflix or having a shopping spree. Taking care of your skin is also a part of your me-time and should be applied on a daily base to keep your skin young and healthy. Our beauty expert, Joke Lehouck, will tell you her best skincare routine as she’s assisting and coaching beauty lovers on a daily base at work.

Be picky with your time, your friends and your skincare

For years we’ve been looking for the perfect skincare product but it’s not as easy at it seems. There are so many different skin types, the available products in stores are endless and we often don’t know where to start. To help you with selecting the right products I will tell you some of my secrets and I will learn you the routine to maintain a natural glow on your skin!

Step 1: Know yourself and your skin

Look at your face and analyze your skin. Is it red? Maybe itchy? And does it reacts when you come in different temperatures? Then you’re having a sensitive skin.

Do you have an oily feeling, maybe larger pores? Then you’re having an oily skin.

When it’s flakey and red with a tight feeling , your skin is definitely dry.

When you’re having a mix of some different symptoms as mentioned above, then it’s a mixed skin. 

Don’t you feel like there is any difficulties at all, than your skin is normal.

Step 2: Washing is key

The absolute key to a perfect skin is the right cleansing ritual and it’s something I tell every client that comes in the shop for make-up of skin care as 90% of all skin issues can be solved with a right cleansing product.

You need 3 things to clean properly:

The first one is a make-up remover. It can be oil based, milk or micellar water. But I mostly recommend a milk because that’s what is working the best for all kind of skin types.

After this step you wash your face with a gel, mousse or emulsion. Just as the make-up remover, you can choose the texture you prefer the most. The only thing you need to remember is that a gel is never good for a dry or sensitive skin.

To make your cleansing routine complete, you use a cleaning lotion. This closes your pores, removes the last dirt and prepares the skin for the products you will put on.

Step 3: Don’t forget a serum

After cleaning your face with the right lotions and cleansers, you need to add a serum underneath your day cream. And not the forget, at night underneath your night cream as well.

Why a serum? The serum will work on the layers of your skin that are deeper and can’t be reached by a cream. Together they will really make a complete skin care. To choose the right serum, I’m giving you some extra informations and hopefully it will make it more easy for you to get a serum that matches your skin.

Next to my tips & tricks I always recommend to listen to the beauty consultant. But these will definitely help you a bit further:

– A gel for oily skin. 

– Gel cream for oily to normal skin.

– A fine cream for normal skin. 

– A thicker cream for dry skin.

– A more oily cream for extra dry skin.

And don’t forget to use your face cream in your neck and chest area as well. Because that’s where we age first!

Discover the complete skincare routine of Biotherm and Clinique on

Step 4: Enjoy your new and better looking face

If you apply these steps carefully, you will start to see the differences very quickly. And I would love to hear your experiences with my tips and tricks. Feel free to leave some feedback in the comments or if you need more advice, you can reach out to me on Instagram! I love to help you with your beauty and skincare routines.

*extra tip: buy the Clinique 3-step boxes if you don’t want to search for all different kind of products or if you’re traveling. They sell it in small packages to make it more easy for you. And they also have them specialized for acne skin, sensitive skin,… Just know that when you want to be gentle with your face, that you use the 1.0 lotion instead of the other ones.

But don’t forget to take of your makeup first (step 1 of this article), before using this 3-step system.

This article has been written in collaboration with @JOKELEHOUCK

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