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Nowadays, more and more people choose for ecological and sustainable materials to build and decorate their house. In line with that is one of the biggest trends for this year: dried flowers! They made a huge comeback and if you don’t already have some in your interior, you should really think about doing so. Suryani, our interior blogger, will show you how you can really make them shine and turn them into a real eye-catcher.

How to style them?

Up until recently, dried flowers had a super old-fashioned appearance. Chances are big that, when you thought about it, you were imagining a dusty, little bouquet hanging against the wall in an outdated interior.  

Well, those days are gone. Dried flowers are super trendy right now and you can style them in many ways to match your interior and your taste. Depending on the ambiance you’re going for, you can go with all soft and natural tones or you can add a pop of color and create a real statement piece.


This is by far the easiest way that you can create in only minutes. Just put a bouquet or some dried pampas grass – also super on trend right now-in a beautiful vase and pick a nice spot in your house. Or buy some little matching vases and make a nice arrangement with it. So simple but so pretty!

Credits: Rosa Cadaques // // House of wolf

Jars or bottles

Buy, or even better, re-use some pretty glass jars or bottles and fill them with all kinds of flowers or leaves. You can mix and match colours or you can make e.g. an all pink or purple arrangement. Place them all together on a little table or onto your dresser. You can also do the same thing with glass bell jars and those little, decorative test tubes which will also look amazing.

Credits: // //


Even this classic is back but in a more contemporary way. For a minimalistic and modern look, you only decorate a part of your loop or ring with flowers. This looks amazing when you hang it against the wall and is also perfect to use as a decoration for a wedding, a bachelorette party or  a babyshower.

Credits: & WickedPetalsFlora

Frame it!

Every piece of art looks better when you frame it and this also goes for dried flowers. With soms glass see-trough frames, you can make the coolest arrangements: you can hang them against the wall, put them om your cabinet or place them in front of a window. You can even attach them to the ceiling so that they are floating in the air.

Credits: // Ravishing in plaid // Fine little day

Hang it!

Of course, you can still choose to hang a bouquet against the wall, like in the old days but by hanging it on a branch or a rope you really give a modern twit to it. Or, if you want to have a real eye-catcher you can even make a whole flower wall ornament and decorate it with a light garland to make it extra special.

Credits: Schreinerblog35 & @julliettelaura

Wooden little standard

Also at they know that fried flowers are really a big thing right now and they introduced the flowergram which consists out of a selection of flowers and a little wooden standard to put them in. You can just buy it a seperate product so you don’t need a membership of some sort and it looks amazing! This is perfect to give as a present.

Credits: Bloomon

How to dry them yourself?

If you’re not really into DIY projects, you can just buy some flowers of course. You can find them in many shops nowadays so it won’t be difficult to find some to you taste but if you like to make things yourself and you are patient enough, you can dry your own flowers. It’s also a cool project to do with your kids. So here’s how you dit it.

If you want to dry a whole bouquet (or you can also use this technique if you want to dry single flowers), just tie it together to ensure it maintains the exact shape and composition that you like. Then, hang it upside down in a dry, dark and cool place. Depending on the air humidity, it will take 2 to 4 weeks until it’s fully dried.

Another technique which will surely bring up some memories from your childhood, is where you dry flowers or leaves by placing them between the pages of a thick book. You can use some tissue paper for protection. Make sure that the flowers that you use are not too big and have a fairly thin stem since this will lead to a better result. Then, close the book carefully and place another thick book on top of it. It will take approximately 2 weeks until the flowers are dry.

When you want to frame the flowers in glass frames like mentioned above, this is obviously the best technique to use.

How to take care of your flowers

Now here comes the best news: dried flowers are super durable and once they are dry ( or after you bought them), you have to do absolutely nothing else anymore than just enjoy the sight of them! Perfect for people like me who like to have some plants in the house but don’t really have green fingers and normally have to throw every plant in the bin after a few weeks…

There are a few things however that you have to do to enjoy your flowers for as long as possible:

As they are very fragile, put them on a safe spot where there’s no danger of walking by or bumping into them. Also, to maintain the colors, it’s best to not place them in direct sunlight as this will bleach them quite quickly. To give them some extra protection, you could just spray them with a thin layer of hairspray.

Let us know if you are loving this trend and what your favorite way to style them is! You can tag your pictures with or #blogzineBE and we will make sure to repost your work.

This article has been written by @SURYANI SIX

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