Interior Trend: Bright Colors and Exotic Escapes

Credits: Beyond The Clouds

Margaux Poppe is an illustrator that has made many people change the mood of their rooms or house. By just adding a new touch of love with some lovely interior prints created by her, we are convinced you can do a lot! Today she shares her take and inspiration on how to work with the latest interior trend! 

If you are anything like Margaux, you love to change up your interior from time to time. That includes moving furniture around, getting rid of decorations that no longer make you happy, maybe getting a new plant and rearranging your interior posters. Margaux feels like these small changes reflect what she dreams of, what she needs and where she is in life. That’s why she is so in love with the current interior trend. Because this year is all going to be about bright colors and exotic escapes.

Waking up in a green, dreamy jungle is my favorite way to start the day.

Where to start

Repainting the whole room might be an extreme approach (but who are we to stop you?). There are various smaller elements you can change that will already transform the overall vibe of a room. When Margaux is rearranging her interior, she focuses on details rather than a huge metamorphose. This makes it more doable and fun, because it doesn’t keep you busy for days. 

For inspiration she often relies on her own creativity, or takes a look on Pinterest to learn about today’s trends. The newest Pantone ‘Color of the year’ palette for 2022 reveals eight bright shades of happiness. You can use this or a similar color scheme to get yourself started. Here are some of Margaux’ personal tips on how to rock this new interior trend:

Add plants for an exotic touch

If you have ‘green fingers’ this option is for you. Ever since Margaux became obsessed with house plants, she ended up buying more and more. Waking up in a green, dreamy jungle is her favorite way to start the day. 

Studies have shown that plants have positive effects on you. Increased concentration, reduced stress-levels and more vitality are only a few of the many benefits of surrounding yourself with plants. If you have the room for it, go for rather big plants with a huge ‘jungle factor’ to create the perfect exotic escape. After all, most of us haven’t been on a holiday since forever so why not create one at home? This ‘getaway’ feeling is exactly what you need!

Not good with real plants? Go for bright prints

One of the easiest ways to brighten up a room is by adding interior prints. By combining prints of the same or different sizes, you create your own collage walls. The actual prints you choose, but also the frame you put them in, will impact the overall look of a room. 

For this trend you can either go for bright, colorful prints and match them with a wooden or bamboo frame. Or choose rather minimalist prints but add color with the frame. Mixing both these options up is also a fun approach to this trend. These next prints are perfect when real plants are not your thing:

This print is one of my favorites. It stands beautifully on it’s own and shines even more when you add the full ‘Love is love’ collection combo. Go for a bamboo frame to underline the exotic touch.

With these flower prints you will never have to worry about watering them. They bloom all year long! Both cute, bright frames as wooden frames work really well with this collection.

Who says you can only buy a zodiac poster from your own zodiac sign? Don’t limit yourself and take a look at some more exotic designs from the zodiac collection. A  natural looking frame will best complement these posters.

Not sure how to combine these prints? Send Margaux a message and let her help you with that!

Get creative with paint

As an illustrator who’s also a mural artist, Margaux can only confirm you don’t need tons of paint or skills to add a big change to your living space. Simply by accenting a detail of your wall or door frames, or by adding a minimalistic drawing, you can welcome bright colors in your living space. Pinterest is full of ideas! Not sure how to get started once you find an idea you love? 

Tip: use a beamer to project the drawing of your choice on the wall, go over the outsides with chalk or a light pencil and start painting between the lines. Simple lines will work best if you’re not that skilled yet. You can even create a similar effect with mural stickers if you don’t want to get messy. Rather leave this to a professional? 

Don’t worry, Margaux has got you covered!

We hope this brought you tons of new inspiration. Let us know when you tried out one of these tips by tagging and @beyondtheclouds in your interior project. Good luck!

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