In the Spotlight: Time2Reconnect Full Moon Edition


Today Ellen Van den Branden talks about her Time2Reconnect ‘Full Moon’ editions. With her first fully booked edition coming up, she would like to put the spotlight on her experience weekends.  

When I started writing my own book The practical ‘step by step’ guide that will change your future forever, it was very clear to me very quickly that I wanted to create an experience around this. And so the Time2Reconnect experience weekends were born, a three-day experience around your consciousness, the connection with yourself and with nature.

The Power of The Full Moon

It is while I was enjoying the full moon one evening, full of wonder, that I realized that “this full moon” was the last missing puzzle within my experience.

The moon, along with the sun, has an undeniable influence on nature on earth. It determines the ebb and flow, the state of the water. We humans are part of that nature and consist of about seventy percent water. The position of the moon also has an enormous influence on our lives. It is connected to our subconscious and our past. The moon acts on our feelings. She indicates the path how we can restore contact with our natural source of life.

At full moon, the earth is between the moon and the sun, so the entire light side is facing us. This light has something magical, something illuminating, something healing. And it is just that light that brings our ‘Full Moon editions’ that extra touch of enchantment.

What can you expect?

The energy that is released at full moon is the energy you need to set goals for yourself. Together, we work on those goals and get you to focus on what you do want rather than what you no longer want. We do this during our ‘Full Moon Ritual’ on the first evening:

♥ We completely shut ourselves off from the outside world (away from electronics, wifi and other distracting factors)

♥ We provide a soft calming environment

♥ We take a comfortable position on our meditation cushion

♥ We close our eyes and concentrate on our breathing towards our belly

♥ We imagine what it would feel like if our wishes were fulfilled and continue to hold and repeat this feeling for a while

Our ‘Full Moon’ editions are about fears & escaping, but also about wondering & landing. It’s about reconnecting with your inner self and with nature.

Less is more

We don’t need much to be happy, to be free from worry. Yourself, a positive mindset, natural light from the full moon and the beautiful nature around you do wonders.

Would you like to participate in our next edition? This will take place from 20 to 22 September at the special domain Bleyckhof, in Oelegem, just outside of Antwerp. You can register via this link.

Who knows, I may welcome you as one of our ten participants.

No room left in your schedule to participate, but still want to work on yourself? Then of course there is our ‘step by step’ guide. This is available in both e-version and hard cover. Both can be ordered via this link.

Hope to see you soon.

With love, Ellen

This article has been written by Ellen Van den branden for Time2Reconnect

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