In the spotlight: our favourite online shops for art

Tekmass at Balthasar Brussels

Also this week we like to put some new Belgian webshops in the spotlight. This time our favorite shops where you can shop for fantastic works of art.

Art is something that makes your breathe with a different kind of happiness.

Sylwia Urbanowska

Sylwia creates colourful and happy art straight from the heart. Her creative journey started in 2019 with her first collection of art, named ‘My Colours’. Recently she released her new works of art. In this series of Glass Art she combines her love for beautiful, colourful paintings on every day objects such as glass bottles and vases.

I create from the heart. My style is pop-art mixed with glass art and neo-cobra.

Giovanni Fortenio

Giovanni is an architect and designer of Sardinian origin and has been making ceramic art from his workshops in Brussels for about ten years. His creations are inspired by his own adventures, journeys and the organic forms in nature. His work is the perfect balance between functional and decorative objects.

My journey as a ceramist began during a trip to Barcelona, where I used the wheel for the first time; since then I have dedicated all my energies to the development of my studio, and to the search for my language.


Born in Paris in 1993, Tekmass started to interest himself in art at the age of 5. After his artistic studies and his job experience as an artistic director, he decided to focus on his own projects. His creations are limited editions going from black and white to impulsive and instinctive creations. Some of his works of art are displayed at Balthasar in Brussels.

These were our favorite online art shops. Did you see something you love?Next article in the #supportlocal Series: Belgian Fashion and Accessories

This article has been written by @ANGELO VERO

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