In the spotlight: our favorite online jewelry boutiques

Morphée Joaillerie

Blogzine supports local businesses during the corona crisis. That’s why we’re highlighting some of our favorite online stores in the coming weeks. We’ll start the series with our favorite online stores where you can shop for the best jewelry. Perfect if you’re already looking for gifts for under the Christmas tree. Happy Shopping!

I have enough jewelrySaid no one ever


Mass Lee is a new Antwerp based jewellery brand by a Finnish-Korean designer duo. They aim to create sustainable handcrafted design pieces that complement the wearers confidence. Their first collection “Dear Eden” is inspired by nature and they have managed to capture the petals of a tulip, as well as dandelions and lilacs among other natural forms into everlasting wearable jewellery.

Morphée Joaillerie

Morphée Joaillerie introduces it’s new mix-and-match collection; Prêt-à-Briller! It’s a bit like the ready-to-wear of fine jewelry. Owner and designer Pamela Hastry wants you to be ready-to-shine! Inspired from the world of flowers and insects, each piece has it’s own unique story. The goal is for you to express your nature with luxury. 

Skin and Soul jewelry

“The jewel, the sublimation of matter… he makes the body speak and a tender complicity settles in…”

The jewelry made with the imprint of the skin gives the possibility of making eternal what is in perpetual movement, to melt in silver or gold a piece of the skin or a part of the body in constant mutation. A Skin & Soul Jewelry  is not an ordinary object, it is transmitted from generation to generation and from hand to hand like a legacy, a treasure . it is intimacy in plain like a glance, like a tattoo. 

Kim Jacob

Kim Jacob is an up and coming jewelry designer from Brussel. Her handmade collections are based on concepts that are rooted in the visual arts and embrace minimalism as a way of life. Pure in shape, they mean to neutralize the ‘white noise’ that envelops our lives. We invite you to rest your eyes and observe the element of surprise, as the jewelry capture Jacob’s vision of a complex individual uniqueness that is displayed through the adornment of our bodies.

The designer believes in the ethical sustainability of the entire supply chain and only works with Gold and Silver that carry the Fairmined certificate, meaning they are extracted by artisanal and small-scale mining organizations who meet world leading standards for ethical practices.

Isabelle Salvador

Jewelry that tells a story, organic and massive forms, an exclusive and out of the ordinary style. Isabelle Salvador jewels are models that, as original as they are, are timeless, durable and comfortable. They are designed to stand the test of time and resist the trials of life.

“A designer’s jewel is not an accessory, it highlights the singularity of your style and strongly evokes your own personality. It is undeniably a part of you”.

Lore Segers

Lore Segers, is a Belgian architect. While working on her internship she took classes to master the art of goldsmith. Her architectural background is visible in the geometrical, minimal designs. She works with precious metals, as well as brass, copper and minerals. Also, she enjoys to explore the possibilities of new materials. Besides architecture, she’s inspired by simplicity and nature.

“I found the best way of expressing myself is not with words, but through my jewelry.  I want for other women to feel significant, selfexpressed & free through wearing my jewelry.”

Have you secretly filled your shopping cart with your favorite must haves from these jewelry webshops? That’s totally ok! All of the brands above are 100% Belgian. Which also means that your purchase will make a local family happy during these hard times. And that’s the best gift, isn’t it?

This article has been written by @ANGELO VERO

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