In the spotlight: Belgian webshops for fashion and accessories

Captain Cork

We close this week with some of our favorite online shops for fashion and accessories. No big, international shops, but small Belgian brands that deserve our support. Shop local, shop Belgian.

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy local. And that is’t pretty much the sam

Hero On Socks

The mission of Hero on Socks is to help people. To do so, they work together with organizations that ar committed to poverty, sometimes years of abuse, sickness, homelessness, education, gender equality. Every pair of socks sold helps someone somewhere. So if you buy and wear their socks you are a HERO on socks and you improve the world. Simple, isn’t it?

Captain Cork

Captain Cork is Belgian, ecological and sustainable brand. In the collection you will find a colourful range of wallets, handbags, mouth masks, business bags and yoga articles all made out of cork leather. The products are vegan certified and no animals products are used during the process. By using cork leather, Captain Cork ensures that all accessories are antibacterial, antiallergenic, water-resistant and tear-resistant.

Kevin Tizo

Kevin Tizo designs shoes made from marine leather. Instead of being thrown away and becoming an additional waste product, fish leather is recycled, treated and used to make small leather goods. One of the most fascinating characteristics of fish skins, is the uniqueness. Although recognizable to an expert eye, the scales are still very different, even within the same species.

Mina E-Boutique

Romina offers casual chic clothing for stylish ladies with a sassy attitude. In her webshop you will find everything for the perfect outfit from floral blouses, trendy pants and comfy jackets to shoes and stylish accessories.

Sonder clothing

Using various hand techniques such as embroidery, dyeing, sewing, Maxime Thys van Sonder creates clothing and accessories inspired by people, the world and life. She tries to deal in a playful way with feelings about life and its beautiful but often frustrating moments.

Which of these online shops stole your heart? Or did all of them make your heart feel warm inside?

Let us know in the comments or via social media.

This article has been written by @ANGELO VERO

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