In the spotlight: A unique and relaxing gift for dads


It’s almost Father’s Day and that calls for a celebration. Annelies is the owner of and is convinced that she has the perfect gift for dads. And we might have to agree on that!

Dad: A son’s first hero, a daughter’s first love.


Annelies loves Father’s Day and she prefers to celebrate it as it should: with her father. She doesn’t consider it Father’s Day if she hasn’t seen or heard from her dad. One of the best memories Annelies has with her father is watching soccer games together. She was very interested in soccer from a young age but didn’t get to play it herself very often. Every time she watched soccer games with her father, everyone could see her face lit up.

I still don’t know who that was shining more, him or me.

Recommended gift for dads

Annelies definitely recommends the Rio and Barbados hammocks to every dad. The Rio is a traditionally woven hammock from Brazil with artisan handicrafts. The unique jacquard weaving technique used requires a special type of loom. This makes the woven material very comfortable.

The Barbados is a double hammock with a perfect value. The 400 g/m thick material is very solid and can support up to 200 kg! The generous size of the Barbados ensures the best balance between price and comfort.

“I had a client I was working with,

and he secretly told me

he was lying in the hammock

he bought his wife for Mother’s Day.

It’s always nice to hear stories like that.”

Top picture: RIO hammock // Bottom picture: Barbados hammock

The most beautiful and luxurious hammocks and hanging chairs can be found online at Don’t forget the code ‘Blogzine’ for 5% discount and free shipping on your next purchase.

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