IKEA launches limited streetstyle collection SAMMANKOPPLA

Credits: IKEA.com

As of this August, young people who are still looking for original items to decorate their dorm rooms can get creative with the limited streetstyle collection SAMMANKOPPLA. But also for those who love street style and sustainable design, the collection is highly recommended.

For the creation of their latest new collection, ikea appealed to Thai fashion designers Greyhound Original to develop a limited collection. The Greyhound story began in the 1980s, when four friends with a passion for living well decided to open a clothes store together. Fast forward several years, and they’re now selling their designs from new locations in Hong Kong, Shanghai and London – and their food from their Greyhound Cafés in hometown Bangkok.

Greyhound has a relaxed, playful way of designing and always gives a nice twist to things. It’s great to be able to bring that to IKEA now. 


With the new limited collection SAMMANKOPPLA Ikea introduces a range of products that blends Bangkok street style with home furnishing. It’s further inspired by recycling, reusing, and creative re-purposing processes. The collection is designed to be multifunctional and affordable at the same time.

Discover today our favourite items of the new collection.

#1 Flatwoven rugs

Traditionally mats in Bangkok are woven in natural fibres, but for their collection Ikea used reclaimed PET bottles. A great way of repurposing material that would otherwise go to waste. The rugs are available in three versions: two small versions (W75xL150cm) and one larger one (W180xL240cm). The rugs have an inverted pattern at the top and bottom, so you can use it in two ways.

Credits: IKEA.com

#2 LED Lamps

Ikea even played with bottle look to create a LED multi use lighting. The lamp has an integrated light-emitting diode and was made out of polypropylene plastic. Available in red, white and yellow. 

Credits: IKEA.com

#3 Cushions

The SAMMANKOPPLA also contains two types of cushions. A classic round model with a centre button in three colours (blue, red and green) and a striking cushion in a triangular shape. You’ll find cushions shaped like this in markets throughout South-East Asia – they’re the perfect shape for resting your back on. So now you don’t have to travel for it and just get the pillow in your local Ikea store.

Credits: IKEA.com

#4 Chair cover

We all know it, the one chair in the house that often has a piece of clothing hanging on it. Now let that be the inspiration for this chair cover. Only you can let it hang for once. The chair cover looks like an oversized hoodie and is an easy way to give an old chair a new look.

This is a collection influenced by a city where anything goes, and it shows that imperfection can be perfect.

The SAMMANKOPPLA collection will be available in all Belgian IKEA stores from August.

This article has been written by @ANGELO VERO

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