How to teach body positivity to children


At Blogzine are often focusing on well-being and loving ourselves. So why is it that as adults we sometimes have such low self-esteem? And is there a possibility that we can prevent this in our kids?

Teach children that who you are has nothing to do with your dress size.

Anno 2021, many adults are in a bind with themselves. They often feel that they are not good enough, not beautiful enough. Self-esteem is remarkably low. Many parents also say they want things to be different for their children. Parents want their kids to grow up to be confident adults with a positive self-image. But how can you as a parent help with this? Blogzine has already collected a few tips for this: 

#1. Be a good example

Any parenting book will agree; kids copy an awful lot from their parents. So you as a parent are the great example. Are you always complaining about those rolls of fat or are you constantly on a diet? Then ask yourself what kind of example this is for your child. It’s a little crazy that as a parent you want to pass on the message that your child is perfect the way it is, but you, on the other hand, are always standing on the scales. As a parent you play the most important role in a healthy body image for your child. So stop judging yourself so harshly. 

#2. It’s on the inside

Who you are has nothing to do with your clothing size. Each person contains a lot of beautiful qualities and values. Therefore, focus on these, because by doing so you will ensure that your kid learns that the inner is much more important than the outside. Encourage children by pointing out qualities such as respect, for example. 

#3. A compliment is free 

From the moment your baby is born you are head over heels in love with that little creature. Express this too, let them feel that they are perfect, just how they look. Affirmation is extremely important for children. Bet they carry this with them for the rest of their lives.  My grandmother often told me as a child that I had a fat poop. So believe me now, almost thirty years later, I still carry the effects of that. 

#4. Influence of social media

As adults, we sometimes already have a hard time with those perfect pictures on Instagram or those newly given birth famous mothers who look peaky after two weeks. Be aware that social media also has this effect on children. Discuss this at home. Make it clear to them that the muscles in their bodies are not standard. Use words like “bodyshaming”. 

But most of all, pay attention to the way you talk to kids. Do you want to live a healthy lifestyle? Then do so in a positive way. Express that you think it is important to eat healthy food, then try to express what effect this has on the body. It is nice that you lose weight, but try not to emphasize this to children. The last thing we want is for children to have to deal with body shame in the rest of their lives. 

And believe me dear parents, we do this more often than we realize. We are only human, we make mistakes. We do not always do this consciously. So reflect with yourself after reading this article; what do you already score well on? And which tips will you take with you? Be sure to leave it below in the comments.

This article has been written by Stephanie De Vroe from @SMOTHERHOODS

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