How the right Sportswear can give you the motivation you need


September is all about healthy eating and exercise. With the title “Love to be fit & Healthy” we bring you a month of the best articles related to health. And today Cindy is sharing a selection of her favorite Belgian sports brands. Because with the right sportswear you will very quickly find the motivation to get going!

Three months from now, you will thank yourself

No matter what sport you practice, wearing colorful, supportive, and fun clothing immediately puts you in a mood that makes you want to exercise. It gives you a self-confidence that, on top of that, motivates you to shine while working out! The selection that I am sharing with you today has all these characteristics!

Maison Poulain: Cycling Apparel

More and more people are finding the passion for cycling. Even within my family it is hugely loved. My father enjoys jumping on his bike every spare hour and can’t get enough of buying cycling suits to match his bike. And then, of course, Maison Poulain can’t be missing from the selection. They bring sustainability and local together. Their brand is 100% Belgian and consists of the highest quality materials.

UNRUN: Stylish Activewear

The Belgian brand UNRUN is the second favorite. It was founded by two Belgian Olympic champions Elodie Ouédraogo and Olivia Borlée. They create unique activewear that is stylish and fun to wear, without sacrificing advanced functionality and comfort that you expect from a high-end sports brand.

DARE2: Sportswear for Ambitious Women

No matter what sport you practice, from Yoga to Fitness or Running, every woman has the right to feel good and beautiful in her sportswear. And that is precisely why DARE2 has designed a range of sportswear that combines aesthetics, performance, comfort and durability. They also prefer to use recycled or organic materials, so their clothing is the perfect combination of eco-responsibility and quality.

PURE by Luce: Designs inspired by Travels

Besides sports, is traveling one of your passions? Then you will love PURE by Luce! Their sustainable sportswear is inspired by travel and created especially for the active, conscious and stylish woman. “We’ve got a crush on the world.” is therefor their slogan. Every year they collaborate with local talent from a new country of inspiration. These guest designers create prints that take you to exotic and feel-good destinations. Go explore the world with Pure by Luce and discover their current collaborations inspired by Mexico, South Africa and Morocco.

Do you have another brand that fits within this theme? Then we’d love to give you the visibility you need! Contact us at partnerships and inspire others with your vision and products!

This article has been written by @CINDY VAN DYCK

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