Hotspot: Bubble Waffle Café in Antwerp

We can all agree that there’s nothing as important as a good breakfast. And that’s why Bubble Waffle Café in Antwerp if you hotspot. From an Açaí bowl, to sweet waffles and even a classic croissant. You name it and it’s on their menu. Then add a Latte Macchiato to your choice and you have the perfect start of the day.

Having a delicious breakfast is even more fun when you spend it with your beloved ones. You talk about the week, chat while sipping a tea or coffee and discuss the plans for the day. Or even right before a meeting you can enjoy a good breakfast. And that’s exactly how Cindy, Blogzine’s founder, has discovered the Bubble Waffle Café.

Eat diamonds for breakfast and shine all day.

Blog meetings and having quality time with clients, are a weekly must-do for Cindy. As a blogger, where you’re continually in contact with new brands and PR-agencies, there’s no better way than discuss upcoming projects in person. And as most of her clients are located in Brussels or Antwerp, Bubble Waffle Café was the hotspot to go too. Even with your family, parents, partner or friends, at Bubble you have such a cozy corner to eat at that any meet-up is a good excuse to pass by. And did you know that the Blogzine-team also has their monthly breakfast meeting there? Yes, we love the place!

The Bubble Waffle Café

Those who know their way in the city of Antwerp, have probably discovered the area around the “Grote Markt”. It has different bars, restaurants and small boutiques. The Bubble Waffle Café is located in one of the streets next to the square and is very close by the Meir. Therefor you can easily combine a breakfast-date with a shopping spree, during a city trip or on a Sunday morning to spend time with your beloved ones.

At the café you have a couple of tables decorated with cushions and it has a bohemian touch. Cozy and warm are the keywords for the place. At the window you have a large table to sip a coffee at and if the place if full or you’re in a hurry, you can always choose to do a take-away for their waffles, cakes and hot drinks.

On the menu you have many options to choose from. So let’s start with the waffles as that’s what they’re really known for. Their original Bubble Waffles are home made and can be personalized with local ice cream and the toppings you love. But next to making your own favorite waffle, you have different options to choose from. From a Matcha Waffle, an Oreo or Bueno, Cherries and white chocolate blossom, Salty Caramel and even eggs and bacon are an option. So whether you’re a savory lover or sweet tooth person, they have something for everyone!

Next to the Bubble Waffles you also have different brunch and breakfast options. Cindy’s favorites are the Açai bowl, Brie and honey toast, their Greek yoghurt and granola bowl and the goat cheese waffle. But there is so much more to discover!

Bubble Waffle Café, Wijngaardbrug 2, 2000 Antwerp.

Food inspiration and suggestions

Even with the lockdown, the Bubble Waffle-team didn’t stop working. They’ve created different menu’s and recipes at home that you can try out yourself. Or which you might see on their new menu once they’re back open? Who knows!

On their Social Media they’re sharing suggestions on a weekly base and we recommend you to follow them so you can get inspired by their delicious food at home. And of course we hope you try them out! At Blogzine we’ve already made their goat cheese and bacon salad. DELICIOUS!

Visit Bubble Waffle Café on Facebook & Instagram.

Breakfast party at home

Now that we’re enjoying more time at home, Bubble Waffle has decided to keep sharing that unique experience which you can enjoy at their Café. You can now order your Breakfast, Brunch or Pancakes box to eat at home. In this way you can have a perfect start of the weekend with a delicious breakfast!

Even if you have to celebrate a special occasion, such as a birthday or for example Mother’s Day this weekend, the Bubble Waffle boxes are a must. You can even add champagne for an extra sparkling moment!

The boxes are available for pick-up during the weekend in Sinaai or on Sunday the 10th of May in Antwerp at their Café. Order before every Friday 12PM through and don’t forget to spend a lovely time at home with your beloved ones. Cheers!

Breakfast box: 20€ per person
Brunch box: 25€ per person
Pancakes box: 9€ per person
Bottle of Cava Grimaud: 14€ the bottle
Bottle of Champagne Didier Chopin Brut: 30€ the bottle

Order your box through before Friday 12PM.

When they’re back open, the Bubble Waffle Café will be again our favorite hotspot to hang out at. In the meantime we all enjoy a delicious breakfast at home and we get inspired by their online recipes.

Thank you Bubble Waffle!

This article has been written by @CINDYVANDYCK

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