Hot Topic: Activities with Children during the Holiday Festivities


The holidays are coming and that includes family parties with a table full of children. Sometimes there is no way to let the children play in a play area. Sitting at the table for a long time can sometimes be tremendously boring for a child. For parents, it is not always nice when the child is asking for attention all the time. Together with Nadia from Studio Glitter & Goud we list some creative ideas for a successful day for and with children. 

#1 A board game

A board game is more likely to be a good idea at the party table. But making a party game first and then playing it is an even better idea. With a DIY kit that includes everything from A-Z, you also don’t have to think about all the supplies but everything is immediately in small bag. Convenient to take with you to the party.

#2 Making Christmas decorations

Let the children design their own baubles or Christmas decorations. Simple but above all a fun and with lasting results. The kids can put their creative energy into it. Before long, your aunt will be coloring along. After the crafting fun, the baubles can get a spot on the tree or make them into packages to give as gifts the day after at another party. Two birds with one stone.

#3 Airplane contest

For a quiet moment at the table, bring out the markers and have the children draw an airplane. Then have them assemble the planes. Between the soup and the main course, the children can possibly join the adults in an airplane contest. In that case, though, move to a free space without food. Or even better, head outside to get some fresh air right away and let the planes soar. Fun guaranteed.

#4 Drawing on the windows 

Let the children leave the table for a moment. Give them a window marker in their hands and let them go wild on the windows. Children can spend some time doing this. Something they are not otherwise allowed to do is exciting and fun. Print out some Christmas drawings and use them as templates.

FYI: The chalk markers are easy to get off the window with a cloth and water.

#5 Dessert Decorating 

Bake some cupcakes the day before the party. Between party times, have the children decorate the cupcakes with shapes and rolling fondant. Make it a game. Give each child a list of some of the guests’ names. For those individuals, they will then make a special dessert with a nice message on it. Alternatively, you can provide a cake that the children can decorate with the best memories from 2022. 

Above all, do not forget to enjoy being together, the friendships and the funny anecdotes of the past years. Cheers to a wonderful new year!

This article has been written in collaboration with Studio Glitter en Goud

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