Health: How to Avoid a Nasty Hangover


4 more days to Christmas Eve and 11 more days to New Years Eve! Which means party time is getting closer and that means drinking more alcohol is too. So go ahead and save this article to your favorites because we give 4 tips to avoid a hangover. As a bonus, you also get some tips on how to fix a hangover.

#1 Don’t drink alcohol

Alcohol is the only cause of hangover. So not drinking alcohol means you won’t get a hangover, simple right? If you do want to drink alcohol, try a glass or two and keep it to that. The more you drink, the more likely you are to get a hangover. 

#2 Drink water 

Alcohol causes you to have to go to the toilet more quickly and more often. Frequent urination makes you dehydrated faster, which is one of the most common symptoms of a hangover. When your body doesn’t have enough fluids, you feel exhausted faster and suffer from headaches. Drinking enough water between meals can significantly reduce the chances of a hangover. Drinking an extra glass or two of water before you go to sleep can also do wonders. 

#3 Avoid congeners

Some types of alcohol create more waste products, called congeners, which can lead to heavier hangovers. So if you still like to go out for a night and drink through, try to avoid these types of alcohol; whiskey (especially bourbon), cognac and tequila. 

#4 Eat enough 

The less you eat, the greater the absorption of alcohol percentage in the blood stream. The faster and more alcohol your blood absorbs, the more intense your hangover will be the next day. If you want to avoid a nasty hangover, it is best to eat enough before, during and after drinking alcohol. 

Did you do everything you could to avoid a hangover and still suffer from it? Then maybe these tips can still help you get rid of it faster: 

#1 Start with a good breakfast

If you suffer from a hangover, you may also have low sugar levels. A hearty breakfast with fresh ingredients and vitamins can give your blood and sugar levels a solid boost. Immediately also a good reason to plan a delicious healthy brunch with friends or family, isn’t it? 

#2 Take electrolytes 

In most of the cases, the feeling you have is a direct result of serious dehydration. The only way to rectify this quickly is to take electrolytes directly.  You can usually find these drinks at pharmacies as well as in some supermarkets. Coconut water also contains a lot of electrolytes and is particularly tasty too! 

Sometimes we also hear; the best cure is to start drinking again. And although a hangover is a form of alcohol withdrawal, “hair of the dog” is not a good solution. It only prolongs the process of getting back to normal completely. So the best thing you can do is just let it pass, get plenty of rest and drink water. 

Enjoy the Holidays and drink in moderation! Have a great 2023!

This article has been written by @Angelo Vero

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