Health: 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Mental Health


Our editor Angelo Vero no longer believes in making lists of crazy, unrealistic New Year’s resolutions. The only list he thinks is important is one that is entirely about a healthy mind. Wondering what’s on that list? Then read on. 

Let’s face it; we like to make lists in December. We make lists of everything we have done in the past year as well as everything we would like to do in the future. Above all, December is also the month when we realize that we want to do things differently in the coming year. But usually we make lists for the sake of making lists and a few months later we have long forgotten that we made resolutions for the new year. And by the way, that’s ok! 

Forget the pressure to perform because others are doing or have things that you don’t. The only thing you achieve by doing so is more stress. Pursuing an ideal scenario purely because you think that when you will have achieved it, you will at least be happier; is pure illusion. No one is necessarily happier with more and better. Because you don’t know what things someone has had to put aside for that. No one knows the other’s sacrifice to be where he or she is. And it doesn’t matter either. 

So I want to make a new list this December. One where you think more about your mental health. Put you first the coming year: 

#1 Be more kind to yourself

If there’s one mantra you should be mouthing this year more than ever, it’s this: “I’m more than good enough.” Everyone has a different path to follow and that doesn’t make yours better or worse. Everyone looks different and that doesn’t make one body more beautiful or ugly than another. Be kind to yourself and put yourself in the spotlight. Focus on your strengths. 

#2 Do what makes you happy

We often hear this; do what makes you happy. And indeed it often sounds easier said than done. But doing what makes you happy is something you can train. And you usually focus on the moment when something makes you unhappy. When you find yourself in a situation that you don’t feel good about, stop and step back. If you don’t want to do something, don’t do it. If you have had a certain dream on your list for a long time, maybe now is the time to pursue it. 

#3 Schedule more me-time

Our schedules are often so packed that we barely have time to rest and enjoy ourselves. That’s why I want to invite you to schedule me-time this year as if it were a doctor’s appointment or an important meeting. Because that’s what it is, after all, it’s important to take time for yourself. When you take time for yourself, you have time to think about things and put things into perspective. Sometimes we move too fast and make decisions we regret afterwards. This is mainly because we don’t stop and think enough. Important decisions are best made with a clear mind. 

#4 Meet with friends and family more often

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the past few years, it’s this: you may have many things and do many things, but who you make memories with that will stay with you forever. It’s the people around us that we still think about ten years from now. We associate happy moments with vacations with a particular person because we can look back on them together. Let the coming year be the year you make more memories with friends and family. And those memories don’t have to be expensive vacations or activities. 

#5 Ask for help when needed

An important step in mental health is recognizing the need for outside help. That can range from a brief chat with someone to truly professional help to take serious steps forward. Whatever is needed, do it. Choose solutions and help instead of minimizing or pushing the problem away.

I wish you a wonderful end of the year 2022, filled with love and making new memories!

This article has been written by @Angelo Vero

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