Gift Tips: 3 Happy Moments for Your Communicant


A communion party is all about sharing in happiness moments with your kid and the entire family. And that includes presents, ofcourse. We asked Studio Glitter & Goud which original gifts they would recommend. 

Gifting a moment of happiness to someone you love and seeing the smile on his or face, that’s what we all like to do. At the same time we want  the gift to be original and something the receiving communicant can do something with. Because you are actually in direct competition with screen time and video games. We give a few tips that will help you checkmate the tablet or smart phone (at least for a while).

A card with a sweet touch

Each child receives a card from mom, dad, grandma and grandpa on their communion. Motivate your family and friends to be original this time with a sweet greeting card. These unique greeting cards have a nice caption and a delicious lollipop. A bull’s-eye! Because which child does not like a lollipop, right?

Do-it-yourself gifts

Yes it sounds weird to give a gift that the recipient still has to work on themselves, but believe us. These gifts really work and make everyone happy.  For example, there is a delicious baking mix to make apple cinnamon cake or tasty raspberry brownies. The ideal gifts for a kitchen prince(s).

Or choose a gift that lets your communicant make something and surprise others. You can do that with the DIY package to make his own scrap paper.  No matter how old we are it is and remains fun to create something ourselves. Afterwards, your communicant can send everyone a personal card as a thank-you for the gift he or she received. 

Gift a ‘Yes’ moment

Puzzles are fun and good for the brain. With their fun designs they immediately catch the eye. The end result does not always have to be a rectangle. A round puzzle is a fun challenge and a beautiful end result. Searching for puzzle pieces and the “YES it’s the right piece” moment, release the happiness hormone little by little. Puzzles also bring people together. When the communicant puts the puzzle on the play table, it is guaranteed that all the cousins will want to join in. And the aunts and uncles will walk by to lay a piece, too. Can you hear them having fun finding the right puzzle pieces? A happy moment to cherish.

What do you think of these original gifts? Which gift is already in your shopping cart? Let us know via

This article has been written in collaboration with Studio Goud en Glitter

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