Gift tip for men: Bubbles at Home


The days when men were not entitled to a fragrant shower gel or creamy body butter, are fortunately long behind us. So pay attention if you always struggle to find a gift for a man. Because here comes the coolest gifts from the Belgian label Bubbles at Home.

Real man take care

of their skin

Glycerine soaps

These vegetable glycerine soaps, based on famous male perfumes, will certainly charm their hearts. Does your dad or partner have a favorite perfume? Then be sure to take a look at the website to find out if their favorite scent also exists in soap form. On top of that, they are made in Belgium. Isn’t there anything more fun than shopping local? 

Grooming for the win

For all the lovely dads or boyfriends who take the grooming ritual very seriously, this box is an absolute must. Just like the soaps, this XL box has the scent of a famous perfume. It contains a sparkling ball with avocado pit oils, a shower gel, a vegetable soap, a body butter, and a body mist for face and linen. This masculine scent of cedar leaf and patchouli is suitable for any tough seducer!

Four is better than one

Can’t you choose from all those different scents, or do they have different favorite fragrances? Why don’t you choose the lovely. box with four different vegetable soaps? This way, you will have a mix of all the scents, and they will have enough good smelling soap for the next time.

Hydration is key

For all men who have dry skin, Bubbles at home has the solution: lovely smelling body butters. These are all free of dyes and are suitable for all skin types. The body butters are low in use, absorb well into the skin, and are non-greasy thanks to their vegetable composition. We are already a fan! 

A relaxing bad

If they like to enjoy a relaxing bath, we recommend this box with three sparkling balls. Thanks to the avocado seed oil, which has a moisturizing, skin nourishing and softening effect, and on top of that, promotes the elasticity of the skin. They will look as good as new!

A quick shower

Do you have a father of boyfriend who prefers to jump under the shower before going to work, Bubbles at home has a gift tube with a good smelling shower gel and the accompanying natural soap. So now they can still have a mini relaxing moment in the shower.

Spray it

This gift box is the ideal way to keep smelling good all day long. A quick shower with the shower gel and then a few sprays of the body mist will ensure that your partner’s favorite scent remains all day long. 

We hope we gave you enough inspiration in this article for a good smelling present. We look forward to seeing your favorites or the gifts you purchased. 

This article has been written by @JULIE ROSSEEL

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