Get into a zen modus with these beauty tips


Unless you’re having a necessary job, you’re inside your house. And it’s not an easy job to fill your days with useful activities. Joke is a mom and a wife herself which makes it easier to stay active all day. But she doesn’t want to make herself crazy with only doing house holding right now.

As we completely understand her, we’ve asked Joke to share with us her ways to get into a zen mode. And as she’s a beauty lover, these are of course based on beauty-moments. For herself, her own me-time.

A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it isn’t open.

Netflix and chill

I need to admit that I’m a Netflix addict and watch it all day long. When I’m cooking, doing laundry or other house holdings . I watch it on my phone and mostly pick out series. But when I want to relax, then I watch Netflix on the television, take my fluffy blanked and fresh fruit. It’s a moment where I lose myself into the movie that I’m watching.

Are you in need of series and movies inspiration? At Blogzine we’ve made our own must-watch Netflix guide. It might inspire you for your next Netflix and Chill moment. And don’t forget to take everything out of your me-time: apply a face or feet mask while watching TV. It will relax you even more and your skin will be so thankful!

Getting smooth

As a beauty lover, I really believe in a good scrub and relaxing favorite body cream. It’s a very important routine to maintain if you want a smooth skin. But usually I’m too tired to scrub from head to toe and to add body lotion on a daily basis. However, since we’re a lot at home and I have more time to take care of myself, I’m reapplying it more often. My skincare routine got an upgrade and I will be so smooth as butter once I get out of the lockdown.

1. Biotherm Body Milk, €20,99 // 2. Scento Island Lemon & Sea Salt fragrance diffuser, €19,95 // 3. Ici Paris XL Body Scrub, €9,95

Masks aren’t only for carnaval

Next to applying my body butter and lotion on a daily base, I also pay more attention to my skin. I do this by applying masks and as said before, they’re an unmissable beauty must have that everyone should have at home.

I use different masks for my face, eyes, hands, feet and lips. Not every week of course. But I use them when I feel that a certain part of my body needs extra love. To give you an idea of my favorite beauty masks, I’ve made a small selection. Enjoy the me-time!

1. Qiriness Feet Hydra-Repair wraps, €5,50 // 2. Qiriness Thermal Purifying mask, €28,50 // 3. Qirinesss Hands Hydra-Repair wraps, €5,50

Joke’s Favorites

Qiriness has different masks for an affordable price which you can use during any type of me-time. The hydra-repair feet and hands wraps are definitely two masks that I always have at home and I often wear the wraps while watching Netflix. It’s easy in use and you will have a smooth skin in no time.

1. GLAMGLOW Reviving Eye Mask, €8,90 // 2. Clarins Hydra-Essential Eye Mask, €34,50 // 3. GLAMGLOW Bubble Sheet Cleansing Mask, €8,90

Reduce dark circles

Clarins and GLAMGLOW are two other skincare brands that I truly like to use! Especially the Bubble Sheet mask which cleans your skin. It’s also quite funny to use as it transform into a cloud when applying it. Totally Instagram-proof! For those who like to give their eyes a boost, I’ve tried the GLAMGLOW Reviving eye mask. Put the mask in the fridge before using it for an extra refreshing result!

1. Chanel Sublimage eye cream, €154,90 // 2. Sisley comfort lip care, €57,90 // 3. Chanel Flash Eye revitalizer, €124,90

Luxury skincare masks

Last but not least I’ve made a selection of my favorite luxury skincare brands. And the Chanel “Sublimage” eye cream is my ultimate favorite of all times! I use it often as I have a dry eye contour and when you apply it before going to bed, you will wake up looking better than ever!

Another mask that is as essential as a good face mask, is the lip care from Sisley. After each scrub I do, once a week, I apply a thick layer of the balm for super soft lips!


Get hair like in the advertisings

It’s not as easy as we (all women) hope for to have thick, long and healthy here. You have to be committed to give it the right care every week. And therefor I only do a full treatment when I have the time. Me-time for my hair is as important as my skincare! An oil-treatment is my favorite hair care and here is how you can make one yourself.

1. Mix olive oil, coconut oil, and other favorite oils. Ad some hair mask.

2. Now take a string of hair and massage the mixture into it from root to tip. This all around your head.

3. Take a big comb and go through your hair and braid it in two dutch braids.

4. Wait at least 24 hours to wash your hair. And when you wash it, do it twice.

5. After this you dry it how you like. And I promise you, your hair will be advertisement worthy: smooth and silky.

Nail it

Last but not least we’re going to talk about our hands. Because now that we have a smooth body, pretty face and soft hair, we can’t ignore our nails. And as hands are very important nowadays, we need to give them some extra love as well! Get rid of the cuticles by pushing them back and then paint them with the trending colors (think about neon and lilac). When it’s dry, apply cuticle oil. This will make sure that your nails are hydrated and healthy!

Now that you know everything to make your quarantine-time completely zen, I’m curious about your skincare secrets! Share them in the comments or on our Social Media and maybe we can discuss new beauty must haves.

This article has been written in collaboration with @JOKE LEHOUCK

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