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Spring is in the country and that means a lot of vitamin D for your body. This is the ideal time to exercise outdoors, but what can you do outside besides walking and cycling? Nasrien gives some tips.

Vitamin D is the key!

Trekking or hiking 

I hear you think that’s exactly the same as just going for a walk, don’t you? No, it’s not. When you hike, you also move from point A to point B on foot. Hiking is just a lot heavier than walking. It’s best to look for a real trial, somewhere in a forest or in a hilly landscape where you don’t just have to walk on asphalted roads. 

It doesn’t take a lot, only good walking shoes and a backpack with some food and drinks can be touched. The advantage is: it is intensive, but not too stressful for your body and you discover new places. 

Trail run

Also trial run is not the same as just running. Simply put, trailrunning is running over paths, a form of running, but in infinite variations as far as its route is concerned. You can run in mountains, in forests with some height difference, through rivers, through rocky areas and through muddy puddles. A real challenge for jogging enthusiasts. 

Don’t be discouraged when you start because the pace is slower anyway than if you were walking on the road. The best thing about trial running is that you can run in incredibly beautiful places (yes, also in Belgium) and it gives a real adrenaline rush. 

Ultimate Frisbee

Do you feel like doing something with some friends? And you’re tired of the tennis court and the soccer field? Then I’ve found a nice replacement! Ultimate Frisbee. It takes me right back to my teens. Frisbee is a dazzling team sport, played in mixed teams and without a referee. The fields you play on can be marked with ‘end zones’ within which the Frisbee has to be caught to score. Because the Frisbee is not allowed to be walked on, the attacking team has to keep moving constantly to get free. 

It is a very fast, but above all very fun sport. It burns an enormous amount of calories without you noticing it. 


Go crazy. Put on some nice music and let yourself go. You catch vitamin D, you release endorphins through the good music and exercise and you burn calories with it. 

To give you that extra push (if necessary), with an hour of dancing you burn 370 calories. 

Of course, there are still an infinite number of sports you can do outside. I can only recommend it to you, the sun and fresh air is good for your mental health and the movement helps you to get in shape again. So it’s a double win. 

This article has been written by @NASRIEN CNOPS

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