Four Belgian sports brands that keep you moving

As we have spent the last few months often sitting at home and the local Belgian brands have suffered a lot, it was high time to change this. Get your sports shoes out of the closet now! Because, after this article with all kinds of Belgian sports brands, you’re ready to run a marathon.

“I don’t count my situps. I only start counting once it starts hurting. ” -Muhammad Ali


Rectoverso is a brand that checks all boxes. With more than 130 years of experience in textiles and the young spirit of daughter Camille, they have become a master in making quality seamless sportswear. Thanks to their passion for craftsmanship and their authentic family label, they ensure that every piece feels luxurious and unique.

Each piece of clothing feels like an experience and helps every strong woman become even stronger. Since everything is done 100% on Belgian soil, the brand is not only good for the customer. It is also for the environment and everyone involved in its production. So you can see that your family can be the key.

Credits: Rectoverso

Yoga Path Design

For many people, yoga has become part of their daily lives; that’s why we think it’s important to mention this lovely brand.  Yoga Path Design is created by a strong woman named Haya. This with a drive to understand herself better and gain strength out of what she loves. This authentic Belgian brand focuses on ecological responsibility and a conscious lifestyle through self-love. All the fun and quality garments help you achieve this goal. 

42 | 54

Olivia Borlee and Elodie Ouedraogo are already big names in the sports world. But also in the world of fashion they are certainly not inferior. With their brand 42 | 54, named after their national record of the 4×100 relay and the time they have written a piece of Belgian history, they are ready for a new chapter. The focus lies on the advanced functionality, breathability, and premium second-skin feeling. Even though the brand is suitable for all kinds of sports, the founders’ roots and their love for athletics, are the foundation of it. One of their biggest pluses is that the clothing is made of 100% sustainable fabrics. This is something which we at Blogzine can only encourage.

Credits: 42 54

Pure by Luce

For travel lovers among us, Pure by Luce is the ideal way to escape reality during their sports sessions. The sustainable Belgian brand creates its signature prints together with international artists they meet during their travels. On top of that, every year, they work together with local talent from a new inspirational country. Thanks to these guest designers and their exotic prints, you don’t have to leave your home to get a vacation vibe. Isn’t that amazing? 

Credits: Pure by Luce

Let us know for sure what your favorite Belgian sports brand is and which has encouraged you to practice sports.

This article has been written by @JULIE ROSSEEL

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