For Influencers: How to Land a Brand Deal? 


Every influencer dreams of landing a brand deal and that deal doesn’t have to wait long at all, business expert and influencer Angelo Vero told the class during yesterday’s Persuasive Communication masterclass for influencers. Wondering how you can land your next brand deal? Then read this article.

There are a lot of reasons why companies often prefer to work with influencers over traditional media. Often it can all be done a lot faster and cheaper. And there is also more return on investment. Companies also like to work with influencers because they are real social media experts and are an honest voice for their community. A message delivered by an influencer is often more credible. 

As an influencer when you collaborate with companies or brands, we talk about a brand deal. These deals are important because they not only provide you with an income, but often open doors to many other opportunities: ambassadorship, book deals, TV deals, radio deals, etc.

How to attract brands? 

But of course, in order to win a brand deal like this, you have to do a little work first. A brand doesn’t just appear out of nowhere and doesn’t immediately give you a one-year contract. If you want to get on the radar of brands you would like to work with, you need to work on your (online) presence or personal brand awareness within a certain industry or theme. You do that by posting enough and talking about your values and what you believe in. Companies like influencers with whom there is a real match. When your followers and a lot of other people put you forward as the person to keep an eye on regarding a certain topic, chances are that a brand will come and talk to you. 

If you want to put even more emphasis and make it even clearer to brands that you are what they are looking for, you can either talk often enough about the kind of brands you would like to work with, or you can really put certain brands in the spotlight. That way you really get on their radar and a contract isn’t far off. 

Road map to landing a deal

When the time comes to send a proposal to a brand, it is always a matter of thinking about how best to do it. During yesterday’s training, business expert and influencer Angelo Vero described his road map to success. 

These 6 steps are part of his roadmap: 

1. Pitch

2. Idea outline

3. Benefits of working with you

4. Previous campaigns

5. Campaign results

6. Financial 

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This article has been written by @ANGELO VERO

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