Food: Three ways to enjoy the French croissant


Today, on the 30th of January, we celebrate International Croissant Day. With that, the delicious French breakfast delicacy is being highlighted today. And it is also essential on our breakfast table! Today we share with you three original flavor combinations so you can enjoy your croissant in a tasteful way!

I don’t speak French.

Except “Croissant”.

A croissant for Breakfast

We all know a croissant with Nutella, jam or butter. It is a classic on every breakfast menu. That’s why we share with you a new savory combination: bake your croissant with bacon and brie, then finish it off a little dash of honey (if you like sweetness) and a bit of lettuce. It will change your breakfast experience for sure!

A croissant in the afternoon

Looking for a sweet snack during the day? Then try the cinnamon croissants, a delicious cross between a cinnamon bun and a croissant. Here, the secret is that you mix the melted sugar with the cinnamon and butter for a creamy and smooth taste. And you can finish with your favorite toppings: almonds, hazelnuts and red fruit!

A croissant for Dinner

Are you such a big fan of Croissants? Then definitely try the “Pizza Croissant”. Instead of adding sweets, change the ingredients to pizza toppings such as salami, cheese, tomato paste and Italian herbs. Finish with grated cheese on the top, and bake. Enjoy!

There are, of course, many other ways to enjoy this French delicacy. So share with us your favorite recipes via Social Media. Tag us and use the hashtag #BlogzineLovesCroissants so we can also inspire others with your publications.

This article has been written by @Cindy Van Dyck

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