Food: Three recipes with Peanut Butter you have to taste


On the 24th of January it is International Peanut Butter Day and we pay tribute to the tastiest sandwich spread. So tomorrow, all over the world, we have an extra excuse to try out delicious recipes with peanut butter. And we are sharing our three favorites with you. Get your peanut butter and make it taste good!

Tonights forecast: 99% chance of peanut butter

Low carb peanut butter cookies

We start with a very easy recipe that we at Blogzine make ourselves monthly: low-carb peanut butter cookies. Perfect for when you’re on the Keto diet!


– Peanut Butter (duh)

– 2 eggs

– Toppings like peanuts and dark chocolate

– Feel free to add sweet ingredients if you don’t necessarily eat keto

How to prepare the cookies:

You take a bowl and break the two eggs into the bowl. Both the yolks and whites we are going to use. Afterwards add three spoonfuls of peanut butter, mix until it is creamy and soft.

Once your mixture is ready, take a baking sheet with baking paper and spread your mixture in small circles on the sheet. You finish afterwards with nuts, peanuts, chocolate,…. the topping you wish!

You put the cookies in the preheated over at 220 degrees, let it bake for about 10 minutes until done (baking time depends on the type of peanut butter) and let them cool before you enjoy them. And that’s it! So easy but you make these delicious cookies.

Peanut butter sandwich with banana

With this recipe, let’s go back to our childhood. Because peanut butter spread on the sandwich with banana slices, and possibly a little cinnamon, is always a winner!

And this recipe is even easier than the previous one, because you just buy your favorite peanut butter, top a crusty slice of bread and finish with banana slices. For those who love spices: add some cinnamon. Or opt for a sweet finishing touch with chocolate sprinkles. Enjoy!

Blueberry Peanut Butter Smoothie

Adding peanut butter to your smoothie or yogurt bowl is certainly not unknown. It provides extra protein you need for a healthy lifestyle. And our favorite smoothie? That’s the peanut butter and blueberry version!

Surprising, isn’t it? The berries provide a fresh and sour touch that makes it taste great when combined with banana! To make it a full breakfast, you can also add oatmeal to your smoothie.


– One scoop Peanut butter

– 250 ml Almond milk

– A handful of blueberries

– One banana

– Half a cup of oatmeal

How to prepare it. In barely 5 minutes your shake will be ready! Take a large blender, add all the ingredients to it and blend everything until it forms a creamy consistency. And ready!

Our favorite Peanut Butter brands

There is, of course, a huge range of peanut butters to choose from. Cindy’s favorite is Calvé‘s crunchy peanut butter, which you can no doubt get in all Carrefour, Jumbo and Albert Heijn supermarkets. Angelo’s favorite is the Helaes brand, available at Aldi. And finally, we also recommend the peanut butter from Oxfam! Do you have a favorite? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

Are you also such a peanut lover and have original recipes of your own? Share them with us on Instagram or in the comments below this article. Are you going to try one of our recipes? Then don’t forget to rag us #BlogzineFoodInspiration. Happy Internation Peanut Butter Day!

This article has been written by @Cindy Van Dyck

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