Food: Places to go for Vegan Sweets In Antwerp

Credits: Have A Roll

October is hotspot month and of course no vegan options should be missing. Today Angelo shares with you his favorite spots for those who like to score vegan sweets in Antwerp. 

Those who say vegan is boring, monotonous and tasteless urgently need to visit some restaurants or hotspots. In Antwerp, there are such a number where you walk in and don’t want to leave until you have tasted everything. Whether you are vegan, or just want to eat something particularly delicious.

Have A Roll

After being a huge success during their pop up period Have A Roll has proven that vegan can be fun and delicious. With their homemade vegan cinnamon rolls they stunned everyone from the get go. Meanwhile, there are many other flavor bombs on the menu besides the classics. Every season (or just whenever they feel like it) specials are added as well. By the way if you love a great latte, this is your place to be too. Thank us later!

Plant B

At Plant B you can go for a delicious plant-based breakfast and lunch. But what we want to zoom in on today are the delicious vegan desserts. Here you will find fluff pancakes with fruit, spices biscuit (speculoos) crumble and speculoos cream. They also serve an amazing plant-based chocolate mousse. Do we need to tell you more? I think not. Because you just need to go there and enjoy all of yourself!

Kala Fiore 

Since last month Plant B also has a new sister, Kala Fiore. This is a new restaurant with casual, yet worldly menu. Our favorite is Pumpkin spice butter pancakes with apples and berries. That sounds beyond delicious, doesn’t it? Go and have a taste! 

Holy Cookies

Although Holy Cookies is not technically a 100% vegan hotspot, I would like to add it to the list. Especially since they have their vegan special EXODUS back available for the month of October. This treat is a plant-based cinnamon cookie with a yummy frosting. Nice and crispy, yet creamy inside. So now you don’t mind me adding it to the list, do you? I knew it! 

Do you want more delicious ideas? Be sure to check out these articles. Is your venue or restaurant missing in this list, or do you know of a great place? Let us know on instagram!

This article has been written by @ANGELO VERO

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