Meet WW, the new Weight Watchers

Our founder, Cindy Van Dyck, has changed her lifestyle and started the KETO diet after the summer in 2019. Since the beginning of this new year she chose to maintain this lifestyle with WW, the new Weight Watchers. Discover her story and get inspired!

My decisions for living a healthier lifestyle came after watching a documentary about our nutrition on Netflix. We all love to binge watch movies on a lazy rainy Sunday and that’s exactly what I did during the summer of 2019. I watched it and realised that you definitely are what you eat.

Having Fibromyalgia myself I gave it a go and threw away everything that was unhealthy, processed or which won’t give me energy. Everything went well until the Holiday Season started. That’s when I knew I needed to find a solution to stay motivated and consistent in my eating habits.

I never thought that Weight Watcher would help me to go back to my goal weight. I’m happily surprised!

I’ve heard about Weight Watchers before but I was honestly never interested in eating healthy as I didn’t knew better back then. But in January I discovered their new WW branding. I decided to give it a go as I really needed inspiration, support and again a healthy lifestyle after eating so much on the family dinners. We’re all guilty and probably cheating during the holidays but at a certain moment it’s important to know when to stop. I couldn’t find that boundary.


WW was my solution and my objective was to be back at my goal weight before cheating during Christmas. And thank to the pre packed products you’re sure to never over eat or have a portion that it’s too big. This is actually the first thing that really helped me to not eat more than I needed. The second advantage is that you can easily count all the SmartPoints which are indicated on their recipes. Thanks to these points you can follow up how many nutritions you’ve had each day.

These values are separated in three categories: green, blue and purple, and indicate a specific program which are all effective. They’re just adapted to your own lifestyle and this means that you can choose which program you follow! Isn’t that amazing? No stress about being healthier, no over eating and feeling better in your own skin is the result. I love it!


They also guide and motivate you to add ZeroPoints nutritions to your daily menu which are foods that will make the base of any meal you eat. Think about vegetables, eggs, fish, meat,… all ZeroPoints that will result into a balanced diet if you combine it with the SmartPoints recipes.

Personally I have to adapt every menu as I do Lazy Keto since September but it was also super easy to combine this to their programs. And when I was out of inspiration, I grabbed their “365 days recipe book” that gives you over 1 million different menu combinations. So you won’t have a day passing by without knowing what to eat. One of my favourites in this book is their Yoghurt breakfast with fruits and their own WW crunchy spelt cereal flakes with chocolate. I switch between this and eggs with bacon on a weekly base.

For lunch or dinner I often go for a warm meal. But when I fast for 16h (over night), I often end up only eating two meals a day. It’s a KETO routine that I do twice a week. As I said before, I adapted the WW program to my own needs and lifestyle. Last time my mom and I tried their lamb skewers with garlic sauce and the cauliflower cheese gratin with chicken.

It was DE-LI-CIOUS! I licked my fingers off when I finished the plate and wished for another portion. But, I was satisfied and all filled up the way it needed to be. Not too much with the right nutritions that will give me energy and feel good. No need to grab for sugar after these means or to take a dessert that will kill my KETO diet. However, mom and I also created some chocolate raspberry cupcakes and oatmeal biscuits with the WW recipe! So you see, there is a solution for everything.

Final verdict on Weight Watchers?

So I tried it all, their recipes, their snacks and after only three weeks I was already back to my goal weight! Isn’t that amazing? It’s super motivating to know that you’re doing the right thing. That you can still eat so many different recipes without worrying about becoming unhealthy again. I have to say that working together with Weight Watchers gave me another perspective on eating healthy and that it really works when you’re dedicated to live better!

On this online magazine I will continue to share inspirational stories with you and healthy recipes on a monthly or weekly (when possible) base. So make sure you keep an eye on it so we can do this journey together!

For more informations about the WW programs, workshops and how it all works, I kindly invite you to go to the Weight Watchers website. But I wanted share this important message: it’s never too late to start eating healthy. You only have one body, please take care of it. Love, Cindy

This article has been written in collaboration with WW, the new WeightWatchers, and @CINDYVANDYCK

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