Food: Make your own Keto cheese sticks


The warm summer is the ideal time to get together with friends and family. The classic barbecue cannot be missed here, nor the cozy tapas evenings. And that includes cheese, no matter what! So get the ingredients together and make your own low-carb cheese sticks. This way you can snack without feeling guilty!

Love comes in many forms: shredded, melted, sliced,…

The ingredients

Keto meals are, as people suspect, not difficult at all to prepare. Once you know the good alternatives, you always have them at home and you can make your favorite snacks at any time. Just like we are going to do today!

For a portion of cheese sticks (I eat from this plate for 2 days) you need the following:

– Almond Flour

– Two eggs

– Vegetatie oil to fry them

– Cheese that you can grill or fry. These are hard cheeses such as Halloumi (Cypriot), Gouda, Provoleta (Argentinian) and Panir (Indian).

To start, cut your cheese into slices or squares, depending on how you want to eat/dip them. Then dip the cheese in your blended eggs and coat them with the almond flour. Repeat until you have all the cubes and slices.

Fry and enjoy them!

Once your cheese sticks are ready to fry, I recommend frying them lightly yellow first (about 2-3min). Then divide your sticks into two portions. Because you know: once you eat KETO, you eat much smaller portions. And the first time I prepared them, I had them all cooked so well that I couldn’t re-fry them the second time around. Fail!

You deep-fry a serving well until the crust is golden brown. This will take about 5 minutes. And you can store the second portion in the refrigerator without worry so you can then eat them later during the day or the day after!

To make the most of it, serve the sticks with a fresh salad, or make a delicious tomato or barbecue dip! Nowadays you can even buy sugar-free sauces in the supermarket. And that’s all, you are now ready to enjoy them!

You can also apply this recipe with ingredients other than cheese. Think about fried avocados and onion rings for example. They can all be keto! Do you even want more food inspiration? Then quickly check out Cindy’s healthy recipes. Enjoy your meals!

This article has been written by @CINDY VAN DYCK

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