Food: This is Cindy’s recipe for Low-Sugar Chocolate Mousse


This summer marks exactly three years since Cindy started the KETO diet. It all started after watching a Netflix series that made her realize that many chronic diseases are caused by bad eating habits. In good spirits she started a lifestyle that changed her life completely and today she is happy to inspire you with a new low-sugar recipe: a chocolate mousse.

A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands

Why I chose KETO

Let’s recap for our readers who are new. First of all, the KETO diet is not as impossible as many people think. Yes, we avoid all chemical foods and remove carbohydrates and sugars from our diets. But facing 2019, you have huge substitutes and tasty alternatives today!

But the reason I chose to eat KETO was not to suddenly lose a lot of weight. In fact, this is one of the reasons people choose it. The real reason was my chronic illness: fibromyalgia. For years I woke up tired, spent the day sleeping and in the evening I crawled back into bed exhausted. When I discovered that you could spend this cycle thanks to a different diet, I took my chance.

So now I replace sugars and carbohydrates with proteins and of course fats. These have been my source of energy for several years now! And I’m still immensely happy with this decision: my fibromyalgia is 90% gone.

I can’t miss my deserts

But I have to be honest: it’s not always easy. And mainly my sweet tooth sees off tremendously at times. That’s why I quickly started looking for fun alternatives to snack on as a snack or in the evening at a movie.

So besides my own cheese crackers, peanut cookies and KETO pancakes, I now have a new recipe: a low-sugar chocolate mousse!

The ingredrients you need are very easy:

– One ripe avocado (the riper the softer the texture of your mousse)

– Red fruits and blueberries

– 50 grams of chocolate of at least 85% cacao

– Sugar-free syrup or natural honey

– Almond milk or other vegetable milk

And then the mixing of everything begins:

First, crush the avocado in a bowl; if you have a blender, you can easily blend it in there until it becomes a soft paste. Then you melt the chocolate au bain-Marie. Once it is melted, mix it into the avocado mixture. Then add half a cup of almond milk and a tablespoon of your sugar-free syrup or honey.

You mix everything well and divide it into your cups. You can then finish with your favorite fruit.

I often have enough for two servings, so for two people. I only eat half of it each time. So you can divide it into four smaller portions!

And that’s it! It’s that easy to eat a delicious dessert. If you’re just starting out with KETO, you first have to get used to the avocado flavor that you taste with the first spoons you take. But once you’re used to eating sugar-free, this dessert will make your whole KETO adventure complete! Are you going to try making it too?

This article has been written by @CINDY VAN DYCK

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