Flay Lay Co, the make-up bag every girl needs

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When you’re a beauty-lover or traveler, you know that your stuff can get lost very easily. And we all know the struggle of loosing hair elastics or pins, don’t we? Recently Cindy discovered the bag that will change your life forever!

It all started when I went looking for new items to go to the Dominican Republic. I clicked some basics top in my ASOS shopping cart and added a couple of summer items as well. And to finish my shopping, I checked out their new accessories to find a pair of fancy sunglasses and stumbled up the brand Flat Lay Co.

Just wing it. Life, eyeliner, everything

Flat Lay Co provides practical solutions to everyday problems. Therefore they have created this two-in-one make-up bag I’m such a fan of. Also, it saves me time when packing my luggage and whenever I need my make-up. Especially in Australia, it was very helpful as we lived in a van for two weeks. And I can tell you, I did put everything in this bag to make sure I didn’t lose any important bottle or hair clip.

On top of this, the bags are expanding fully so you’re not losing any time while arranging your stuff. It includes a double protective mat against spillages or make-up stains. And it also includes internal pockets to arrange your pins or clips in. Last but not least the bags are available in so many fun prints and vibrant colors that it’s upgrading your travel game in no time!

Discover the whole Flat Lay Co collection on Asos.com

The corduroy collection

ASOS just launched their new collection and it includes some pastel-colored bags in corduroy.

And the Lilac shade is now officially on my wishlist!

1. Pale blue Make-up bag, €30,99 // 2. Make-up bag in Lilac, €30,99 // 3. Blue velvet Make-up bag, €30,99

Different girly prints

What I love the most about the Flat Lay Co bags is that they’re available in so many different prints and colors. Every design reminds me of a certain travel and I’m sure you will connect them to a particular memory as well.

The polka dots for example, they remind me of my citytrip to Sevilla, Spain. And the citrus design makes me crave to go back to Italy! Which one is your favorite?

1. Dots printed make-up bag, €27,99 // 2. Lemon design make-up bag, €27,99 // 3. Make-up bag in coral, €27,99

For the travel addicts

They also have prints for the adventurous travels such as the palmtree design or the ones with the tigers. The prints remind me of the Caribbean or a trip to Asia. Don’t they?

1. Make-up bag with tiger print, €27,99 // 2. Finger printed Make-up bag, €27,99 // 3. Tropical design Make-up bag, €27,99

I realize that it will be very difficult to choose just one design as there are too many pretty ones. However I’m sure that you will enjoy traveling so much more thanks to these bags. And doesn’t any beauty-lover just love to have their stuff organized? Yes we do!

This article has been written by @CINDYVANDYCK

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