Flash that guyliner with the new Boy de Chanel

Credits: Chanel

Parisian fashion and beauty behemoth Chanel has launched a new range of men cosmetics: “Boy De Chanel”. And it’s not just all about a good make-up base.

Chanel is blurring the lines between genders for makeup and we’re here for it

Following the release of the first Boy de Chanel range back in 2018, the brand returns with an updated collection featuring more daring products for men. The new range includes more concealer shades, multi- effect eye pencils, and even nail polishes!

The four key products :

1. A Fortifying Gel Moisturizer

2. Concealer

3. 3-in-1 Eye Pencils

4. Le Vernis

The moisturiser is definitely a winner, perfect for those who want their bare skin to shine, but not with sebum. The lightweight gel has a hyaluronic acid derivative combined with glycerin for continuous hydration, while Green Coffee PFA extract stimulates the skin’s antioxidant enzymes for strengthened skin. It’s also perfect for post shaving since it reduces the chances from razor burns by  54%.

Previously, the collection only featured a limited shade range for it’s foundation. This time around, the non- oily concealer comes in 8 varying shades for men in ALL colour. Its glide-onn formula is perfect to conceal those under-eye circles and also other areas of the face you’d like to conceal. 

What about the eyeliner? Or should we say guyliner? The 3 in 1 Eye pencil will have you covered in 3 shades : brown, navy and black. It has a highly pigmented matt colour and  a long wear formula. 

Finalement, or finally in case you don’t speak French, to uphold that unique style, there are 2 shades for the Le Vernis nail polish :natural and of course what else? Black. Use the natural matte shade for neat and groomed hands while the matte black adds a more edge to your style. 

Credits: Chanel

The new Boy de Chanel collection is available online and exclusive beauty stores such as Ici Paris XL and Planet Parfum.

This article has been written by @THOMAS DU BOIS

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