Fit Talk: Quick Workouts for the Win

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Being fit does not mean that you have to spend a lot of time in the gym. In this week’s Fit Talk our columnist Julie gives you her take on quick workouts. Ready? Go!

We all know it is recommended to have at least 30 active minutes a day, even though this does not seem a lot, it is still a challenge for some to reach this goal. While some people swear by going 4 hours to the gym each week, others simply do not have the time or motivation to do this. That’s where a quick workout comes in handy!

Why quick workouts?

A quick workout takes about 10 minutes and is a combination of strength and cardio exercises. This could be a short run around the block, a Pilates workout before work or a HIIT workout when you have your lunch break. All is possible and you can do them anywhere and when you have time for them. So instead of scrolling on your socials during lunch, take a brisk walk and you will be 10 minutes closer to that daily goal!

More benefits!

People are also know for overthinking and getting in a negative mind flow during the day. By doing a quick workout, you take your mind of things and reset your brain. A quick workout immediately boosts your mood, this means getting into a more positive mindset and ready again to tackle anything that is still coming your way that day.

That’s why I recommend a quick workout before starting your day and a quick workout around noon. If you can do them outside, that’s even better because you can take in new oxygen and Vitamin D! a win-win situation.

When you implement these kind of workouts in your daily routine, you are also likely to make healthier choices during the day because you are focused on obtaining those healthy/fit goals and results. You will feel better and notice how good you are feeling, this alone motivates you even more to keep on going and maintaining this healthy way of living.

Get that healthy heart pumping

To build in different quick workouts, we need to know which types to include.

NR1: Cardio

Never forget the importance of cardio! It gets the blood and heart pumping and has so many important benefits for our body that these simple, low budget way of training must be a part of your workouts, I’m thinking about a 10 minute HITT, combat training, running, swimming, dancing etc.

NR2: Balance

We all know the yoga hype and the way it incorporates balance training. But why is this so important for all types of exercises? By doing weekly balance trainings, you will improve your whole performance in your workouts. It helps you build muscle stabilization, tone your core and increase coordination. These three elements are key during workouts, one wrong movement or instability and injuries are bound to happen.

NR3: Strength

These exercises with (body) weight(s) are ideal for toning muscles, increasing bone density, sculpting your body etc. I suggest to start slowly and gradually increase the weight you are training with. Don’t stick too long with the same weights to see and feel real improvement. Your body will adjust and will surprise you in how much you can grow in a few weeks. Do about 8-12 reps per exercise, if rep 12 is still going easy, you know you are not lifting enough weight anymore and it’s time to move up!

NR4: Flexibility

We all fear injuries, certainly if we workout without professional supervision. By incorporating flexibility exercises we decrease the chance of injury. Regular stretching releases muscle tension and soreness and improves our posture. You will also notice that all sorts of exercise will start to go and feel easier. That’s because you start to lengthen your muscles and improve your range of motion of your joints.

NR5: Resistance

These exercises have similar effects compared to strength training, they will have your muscles burning, make your bones stronger and help sculpt your body simply by using tools as a resistance band. What’s even more with resistance training is movement control and increasing your metabolic rate which means you are burning more calories by just holding still. FYI: want to start with resistance exercises? At Time For You Consulting you can buy a package with 4 types of resistance bands! Have a look on the website and let me know if you want one!

Time For You Consulting

By giving online fit classes to women, I try to give a workout that combines all the above. It may not be a quick workout of 10 minutes, but you can see it as a combination of 4 quick workouts in one session. We do warming up cardio, shape, strengthening and sculpting by using our body weight, barbells or resistance bands and we focus on balance and flexibility during our full body stretch at the end of each session. Feel free to join me in a session!

Quick workouts vs hours in the gym?

Am I telling you to quit your gym and only do quick home workouts? Absolutely not! Sometimes you just crave some me-time in the gym, put those headphones on and give it all you have and that is awesome! I just don’t want you to feel guilty or beat yourself up about it if you don’t always have that time or motivation to do this 4 times a week again and again. That’s why I suggest to try these quick workouts and you will feel better after doing one because you have a big meeting in the afternoon, need positive energy for it and won’t make it to the gym in the evening. Variation is key, keep surprising your body over and over again. You will grow to love it and your body and mind will be thankful for challenging yourself! 

Excited and curious about more Fit Talk? Then come back next week! Julie will be back with more exciting updates about staying fit and being happy while doing so. And are you impatient to start working out? Then sign up to Julie’s Fit Classes today. You will love them!

This article has been written by Julie Schoofs from Time For You Consulting

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