Female First: How to Feel More Empowered

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All month long we are publishing inspiration, tips and much more to put yourself first. Today we share with you some tips to feel more empowered. 

You are your single greatest ally.

Trust in yourself and your talent

Easier said than done. But being positive about your talent and directing your energy towards a positive outcome will help you feel more empowered. There will always be outside influences that cause you to doubt. It’s up to you to realize that not everyone’s voice needs to be heard, especially when it comes to you and your talent. Believe in yourself and be your strongest cheerleader. 

You are the only one who knows your track record and only you know the limits of your ability. And your untapped potential is waiting for you, once you start believing in yourself.

Focus on who your surround yourself with 

The five most important people in your life that you surround yourself with determine what your life looks like and where you can grow. Sometimes we don’t surround ourselves with the right people because we are just satisfied enough with the life we are living. It feels unfamiliar and scary to go beyond what we know. But when we surround ourselves with strong individuals with an energy that pushes us forward toward our own set goals, then we are able to grow.

For example: If you consciously choose that you want to grow in your career and you don’t have a women tribe of strong entrepreneurial women or women with a drive to make things happen, chances are it will be harder for you to grow. 

Have strong role models 

Just as it is important to surround yourself with the right people, it is important to choose strong role models. A role model should challenge you as well as motivate you. 

It is often said that ambitious women look up to other ambitious women because they realize they can be that person. Then imagine that in a few years someone might do the same when they think of you. Imagine that in a few years someone will say, if only I were like her (you). With that powerful energy I want you to face life.

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