Female First: 3 Ways For Moms To Put Themselves First

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With our Female First articles, we want to inspire and motivate women to pamper themselves and put themselves first. We believe the main category of women who truly deserve me-time is that of moms who are always busy. So mom, this article is for you!

Your kids don’t want a perfect mom. They just want a happy one.

Mom’s Night Off 

It may sound unfamiliar territory, but it’s okay for the baby daddies to also have more responsibilities when it comes down to it. After all, there were two of you to conceive your children. So feel free to leave all the work one or more times a week and agree with the dad that you will take time for yourself. After all, a happy mom, is a happy family. Take that time to enjoy a (bubble) bath with candles and a book, or binge-watch your favorite series. Or take up a hobby you’ve put aside for years. 

Studio Glitter en Goud has some special DIY kits ready for you, who knows, maybe your new hobby will be among them.

Daytime Wellness

Would you rather take time off during the day when everyone else is at school or work? Then a daytime spa might be a nice idea. Rituals has a unique collection with which you can transform your bathroom into a real hammam. Find your new wellness ceremony here.

If you prefer to get away from home, we recommend booking a wellness experience at one of these centers:





Best Friend Squad

A happy mom is great, but a group of happy moms is even better. So meet up regularly with your best friend squad and make fun plans to enjoy and de-stress together. We recommend a monthly visit to Limonada in Ghent. 

Are your friends like you entrepreneurial friends with their own business? Then meet up for a workation together. Create a program that consists of some fun activities and alternate with brainstorming sessions, listening to some podcasts together or a watching a digital seminar. 

Looking for more inspiration to put yourself first? Be sure to come back throughout our Women’s Month to read more Female First articles. You can read the stories of inspiring Fem Bosses here

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