Fem Boss: Two Day Work Week with Ease, Flow and Bigger Paycheck

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Ever wondered if there’s more to life than going to work every day and feeling like you are not living up to your full potential? So did Hypnosis Coach & Spiritual Mentor Sacha. Now her life has changed drastically. She went from a hard working 5 day workweek to a 2 day workweek with ease, flow and a bigger paycheck. Curious how she did it? Read today’s Fem Boss story. 

Unlock your unique soul mission and activate your highest potential.

Meet Sacha (36 y.o), mother of Yara (1,5 y.o) and about to give birth to her second child. She is a Hypnosis Coach & Spiritual Mentor. Sacha’s unique power is to unlock your unique soul mission and to activate your highest potential. So that you can share your unique gift with the world in abundance and from balance.

She herself was a major control freak working 5 days a week in her business (13 years netwerk marketing company) & as a key account manager for big companies. But she was not happy. You know that feeling that makes you think: ‘Is this it?”. She had to fight, work hard and it came with a lot of stress. Now she works 2 days a week, earns more than she ever did & attracts everything from lightness, flow and ease; so she has time to spend with her 2 children, family and friends. 

If you prefer feeling her energy than reading this whole article:

She has a free masterclass (in Dutch) that you can join this week:

“Durf weer te vertrouwen op je intuïtie.”

She is most proud of her first big BOLD MOVE!

By now Sacha had succeeded in taking bold moves in life. But her first big bold move is something she is really proud of. At the age of 30, actually the first day after her 30th birthday, her ex partner ended their relationship after almost 7 years. She took it as a sign. 

This is my time to take the step to really figure out

who I am. 

Until then she had her own company selling food supplements and building a big team together with her mother for 13 years. Next to that, as if that was not yet ambitious enough, she worked in the corporate environment. She was a key account manager in the recruitment business with the biggest clients. Always working and doing things a little different than others; she loved to connect with her customers. Which resulted in very happy customers, a lot of hard work, but also the money, car and trips that she thought that were important to aim for in life. But she missed the happiness in life, the impact she wanted to make, the changes she wanted to help people with. 

She stepped away from everything. Her company, working together with her mother, her job and started her soul searching journey. She wanted to figure out why she was put on this Earth. 

It was not until she spent some time in Bali, had done a healing course and someone guided her through her first hypnosis session. Everything changed. She became more conscious. Conscious of life. What is a soul mission? Why do we need to go through things that are hard to teach us a lesson? This made her look at the world through different eyes. 

Since then Sacha has been helping people with their unique power and to find their happiness in life. Letting go of unnecessary ballast to unlock their unique soul mission. So that they can share their unique gift with the world in abundance and from balance. She does this using coaching, healing and Soul Key Hypnosis sessions. In order to make a deep dive in the subconscious mind (including past lives), where all your answers lie. 

Sacha’s two greatest lessons in life and now also her two keywords that she uses daily: Alignment & Abundance. 

Alignment She truly believes that if you get to bypass your conscious mind (your thinking, that little voice in your head that speaks to you) and get more in contact with your subconscious you can do anything in life that you want. Getting in Alignment; a connection from the Universe to your intuition; and learning to 100% trust your intuition will create miracles. 

The trust in the signals she gets from her intuition has brought Sacha her husband, their house, her business and the best clients. (How she did this: go check out her free masterclass “Durf weer te vertrouwen op je intuïtie”)

Abundance do you believe and trust that abundance (in love, money, miracles) is waiting for you? IT IS! But we do not yet own up to this abundance, therefore we do not (yet 😉 ) attract it! Since Sacha made this switch she can attract whatever she wants, and so can you!

The best advice Sacha can give you

Is to take the deep dive in you: who are you. Not a daughter, not as mother, as your job title… but really look at you. Once you peel the layers of yourself, are open to face your own sh*t (and clean it up!) will you be able to get rid of the thinking, judging, fear and hate. 

Her second advice is to take bold moves. If you trust that the Universe has your back, that your intuition is always right, then these bold moves will always turn into the best choice you could have ever made. 

If after reading this article you want to get in touch or just reach out to Sacha? You can follow her on instragram @BijSacha and if you are interested in working together; check out her website. More Fem Boss stories? Be sure to check this page throughout the month, we’ll be adding more amazing stories. 

This article has been written in collaboration with BijSacha.nl

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