Fashion: The trends for this Holiday Season


It’s almost time to chill the champagne, devour the tasty appetizers and prepare to shed a few more party pounds. After all, who can resist all that delicious food? We are guilty too. But it’s also about time to think about what you’re going to wear this holiday season. These four trends will help you score a successful party outfit!

Fiesta like there’s no mañana

A very appropriate quote for the team currently staying in the Dominican Republic. Here it is party time every day: on every corner of the neighborhood there is a street party going on where the locals place a dance after a long day of work. It is wonderful!

But of course we also like to get ready for a bigger party: the holidays themselves. We celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve with the necessary bells and whistles. At least if it depends on our outfit. Because the more eye-catching, the better!

Trend 1: Velvet

Whether you choose a dress or classic suit, thanks to the material “velvet” your outfit immediately takes on another dimension. You add a touch of luxury and show that you are confident in your party outfit! So get your favorite velvet item at home and show everyone how great it looks on you.

Trend 2: Sequins

Like velvet, sequins are impossible to imagine away during the holidays. Big or small sequins, they’ll immediately put you in the party mood! From dresses to pants, tops or accessories, sequins can bring out the dancing queen in you!

Trend 3: Gold

Another unmissable trend this season, is gold. And it may be very striking this time around! So striking that you can call yourself Queen B. Yes, we give you permission to dress up like Beyonce did at the Wearable Art Gala in 2018. And yes, she rocked that gold!

Trend 4: Tailored

Would you like it to be a bit more classic or casual? Then you can opt for a nice tailored outfit. A suit in a striking color, such as red for Christmas, or electric blue during New Year. Or choose a beautiful classic dress that exudes luxury and simplicity. Less is more when you choose a tailored style. And you get the chance to create a complete statement with your accessories!


Of course, no look is complete without festive accessories. A cute clutch, party heels and statement earrings are part of that!

The selection we’ve made, is created with items we have found at ASOS. Now we’d love to discover what you love to wear most during the holidays. Share it with us in the comments or tag us in your cutest party stories on Instagram. We also already wish you a great holiday season! And don’t forget: fiesta like there is no mañana…

This article has been written by @CINDY VAN DYCK

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