Fashion: The Power of the Right Colors For You

Credits: Authentiek Boutique

Did you know that the clothes and colors you wear have more effect on yourself and your relationships with others than you think? Wondering how? Then be sure to read today’s article in which Barbara, from Authentiek Boutique, tells you more about the power of color. 

Authenticity is about the relationship we have with others but also with ourselves.

The clothing we wear is our second skin. And how we feel in our skin affects how we treat ourselves and others. So to be happy, we need to take the right steps to feel good about who we are. Because when we are happy with ourselves, then we can be successful in our relationships with others. 

Barbara from Authentic Boutique has a mission: to empower women in their femininity a beautiful simplicity. She does this, among other things, thanks to a personalised color analysis. 

The effect of color

The right colors automatically make our skin, our eyes and our hair shine more and give our external identity more unity: simple tools but so incredibly effective! Often we notice already in the fitting room that a blouse in one color makes us look more pale while the same blouse in another color has a completely different, fresher effect on us. 

Colors are a beautiful and powerful means of communication and deserve the necessary attention and analysis. During a color analysis we determine which colors make you shine the most. To do this in a well-founded and systematic way, we divide colors into basic colors, accent colors and top colors.

Base colors

Base colors are usually very dominant in our wardrobes. They are neutral and unobtrusive and can be either light or dark. Many of us dress from head to toe in the same base color too often. This often feels ‘safe’ but quickly becomes a bit boring: little tone and little color relief. 

If you still like to stick to one specific color, you can break up the monotony of your outfit with precisely selected jewelry and customized makeup. What will make us even happier, however, is learning to combine our base colors with more pronounced colors that perfectly match the tone of your skin and your hair and eye color. 

Accent colors

An accent color is a color that you can often incorporate very subtly into your outfit. This color is not dominantly present, on the contrary. It is contained in a small but essential element of your outfit: a brooch with a pronounced color, red lips or a scarf. They are the layer of milk foam on your cappuccino: it’s that small layer that makes your whole cup taste great!

Top colors

Top colors are simply those colors that bring the most beautiful aspects of your face, your eyes, your hair and your figure to the forefront and highlight the best of you! The key is to combine these colors beautifully with each other. Together we look at whether these top colors are best combined in prints, whether we should work ton sur ton or not and go for contrasts.

Color analysis and your color passport

During a color analysis you will find out which colors are your top, base and accent colors and we will learn together how to make beautiful color combinations. To clearly display your personal color identity, you get a color passport in which your base, top and accent colors are given through color swatches. This passport is then handy to take with you while shopping! It will help you to pick out clothes with confidence without unnecessary hesitation or wasting too much time in front of the mirrors.

Result: you can combine colors faster and more consciously.

Would you like to have a color analysis done? Then you can go book your private session here. Based on your color analysis Barbara can also make you a tailor-made dress. Beautiful fabrics combined with a timeless (and therefore powerful) design. In short, dresses that give women comfort, individuality and peace.

This article has been written in collaboration with @Authentiek Boutique

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