Fashion Styling: 5 Great Ways to Wear A Sweatshirt

Credits: Maxime Thys

Sweatshirts have become a staple in our wardrobe lately. However, styling them is not always the easiest, or we often choose the same style. We asked Belgian designer Maxime Thys about how she would style sweatshirts, since they are a big part of her collections. In this article she gives her 5 favourite ways of making it work.

Since the launch of her own brand a couple years ago Maxime Thys has been creating many colourful sweatshirts. For her it is the number one piece of clothing she cannot live without. Scroll down and see how she style’s her own collection. We promise you, you’ll love this! 

A loose sweatshirt with a classic pencil skirt

One of Maxime’s favourite combinations is a classic pencil skirt and a playful, preferably slightly oversized sweatshirt. The contrast between the fitted bottom and the loose top gives interesting shapes to your look. If you prefer a more basic look you can choose a neutral or black skirt, but she doesn’t hesitate to play around with pop of colours that come back throughout the outfit. You can opt for an ankle boot or platform sneakers here to adapt your outfit to your activity.

“Recht uit het hart” Sweatshirt with flowers, 75€

Combined with your favorite jeans

We all have a favourite pair of jeans. Easy for everyday and fun to combine from sporty to business. Wear your statement sweatshirt with your favourite jeans – Maxime loves a good mom jeans – to boost that everyday outfit. This combination is fairly classic and thus allows you to experiment with accessories. Think: a handbag in an accent colour, oversized jewelry or rather minimal with subtle earrings.

“#6 Graffiti” Sweatshirt, 75€


Order your sweatshirt a few sizes bigger (oversized = trendy) and wear it as a sweaterdress. The great thing about this outfit is that you can style it in different ways. Wear a low ankle boot with socks in fun colours. Rather wear a comfortable sneaker? Everything is possible and anything goes.

If wearing your sweater as a dress is a bit out of your comfort zone you can wear it with leggings or biker shorts.

“Recht uit het hart” Sweatshirt Orange, 75€

Matching sweatsuit

Maxime Thys is known for her typical matching sweatsuits. These outfits are ideal for those who don’t feel like thinking too much about combinations. You take the sweatshirt with the matching sweatpants and BAM! You immediately have an eye-catching outfit. Additional accessories are of course allowed (more is more if you ask me) but are not necessary in this case. In no time you have an outfit that fits together and is super comfy at the same time.

“#4 Graffiti” Sweatpants, 75€

“#5 Graffiti” Sweatshirt, 75€


The monochrome look has been around for a while now and could not be left out of this list. A monochrome look, or ’ton-sur-ton’ outfit is actually easy to put together: you choose your colour and start combining your pieces in the same color until you have a complete outfit. To give more depth to your outfit you can play with colour shades (lighter and darker) and textures.

Cynisch” Sweatshirt, 70€

We hope Maxime’s tips were able to inspire you a bit and most importantly convince you that statement sweatshirts are a must-have item for your closet. As you could see, the combinations and possibilities are endless. It is important that you find a style that you feel good in and that is an extension of your personality but most of all: make sure it stays fun. 

Not the proud owner of your own statement sweater yet, then hop on to Maxime’s webshop and get yourself a niece piece! Bonus: her newest collections launched yesterday!

This article has been written in collaboration with Maxime Thys

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