Fashion: 6 Trends for A Wardrobe Full of Life

Credits: Make Maakt

Children like to wear clothing that fits their personality and matches their energy. Cheerful children prefer to wear cheerful clothing! But not only children; we can all use a little more color and positivity. Here are 6 trends to give your child and your closet more life:

1. Trend: Colour 

Anyone who follows trends closely has long seen that 3 colors will stand out this spring and summer. It’s about pink, green and yellow 3 colors that immediately evoke happiness. This is ideal for us and certainly for our children to dress. 

2. Trend: Hand made

We are rediscovering more and more the respect for true craftsmanship. Traditional handicraft has beautiful details and creates unique pieces every time. Handmade children’s clothing is therefore trendier than ever because you are buying a unique piece that, on top of that, is made with love.

3. Trend: Sustainable

During the very first lockdown, we started buying locally en masse. Zooming in on how and where something was made became more and more important. Therefore, the quality of fabrics became more important labels like OEKO-tex or GOTS are no longer unknown to us and give us a good direction whether the producers offer fair working conditions, use the most ecological fabrics, use environmentally friendly dyes,…

4. Trend: Comfort and loungewear

We spent a long time together at home and after some time (let’s be honest a day or 2), our trendy clothes were replaced by hoodies and comfy loungewear. Similarly, the hoodie will be popular with teenagers for a long time to come, ideal if you can put the hood up from time to time to shut yourself off from the outside world, so to speak.

5. Trend: Twinning

Twinning continues to be hugely hip. You can dress your child in the same print as yourself or you can choose to have your child’s littlest friends participate as well. Dress their doll or bear in the same item/fabric as you and your child. You will have more views and your child and yourself will shine. You will see your self-confidence soar.

6. Trend: Collars

We have been seeing the reappearance of collars for some time now. And they are here to stay. You can wear your collar loose or really attach it to your garment. So don’t forget to get a loose collar or an item with a collar in the house, so you can be totally along with the fashion trend. 

“Let’s put cheerfulness first. Dress yourself and your children

in cheerful prints. Use playful colors and fabrics.”

If you are looking for handmade pieces and would like something made by someone with expertise and respect for the environment, be sure to take a look at Make Maakt, follow her Instagram or Facebook.

This article has been written in collaboration with @Make Maakt

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