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Our founder Cindy never stops traveling. She never did as a kid, so neither will she after quitting her fulltime job to become an – independent – fulltime blogger. With more than 20 travels in 2019 it’s time to focus on her next trip: Australia. And with that comes a travel visa request. Discover the right steps to get yours.

Hey Aussies! Be prepared because I’m coming over within a few hours. These plans actually started a while back with my best friend Angelo, but we never put our ideas into action and suddenly Australia became a dream. Until a friend of me decided to start over his life in Australia and asked me to come over to discover Australia’s nature together. And as you all know, I love nature!

I spent weeks in my hammock in Jamaica, in between the palmtrees and with my toes in the white sand, so why not discovering Australia? Life is way too short to say no to adventure. And a couple of days later I booked my plane tickets. Australia it is! From the 10th of February I will be there.

Life is too short to say no to adventure. Book that ticket and go discover the world!

Stressing about documents

But to be honest, I’m not the most peaceful person when it comes to traveling. Whether it’s a press trip with other bloggers (where mostly everything is arranged for us) or a personal trip like Jamaica or Australia now, I always stress about documents, my flight tickets and even if I will have enough clothes with me. Maybe it’s because I travel too much? Probably it’s just me, the way I am and nothing will every change that. Except Visumbuitenland.be: the website that gives you all the information you need so you can travel stress fee!

I discovered Visumbuitenland.be while searching for informations to apply for the e-Visitor travel visa for Australia. It’s an obligatory document that you need when you want to visit Australia as a tourist or for visiting friends and family, like in my case now. And let’s be honest: if you start looking online for informations, you can sometimes read so many different stories that in the end you’re having more question marks than before even starting to look for an answer.

So I clicked on “Visa Australia” and got all the answers on one page. Examples of questions I had were: “What’s the difference between an eVisitor document and the ETA visum?” or “How long does it takes before receiving the approval?”. Because can you imagine that I would buy my tickets without having my documents in time? I would faint away. My travel stress couldn’t handle a situation like that, haha :)!

Self-knowledge is so important. But that’s not all! On their website you can also find informations the validity period, urgent requests, the terms and conditions and you can even immediately apply without going through different websites. Visumbuitenland.be will guide you through the whole process and will make sure that you have the right documents!

Follow the right steps

The process to obtain a travel visa and all required documents is very easy. To explain you the steps, VisumBuitenland.be has created a nice video. Check it out and before you know you will be on the plane traveling to the country you’ve always wanted to visit!

Credits: Visumbuitenland.be

Ready for Australia

And now that I have the right documents, I had them within two days, I can start counting down to this new trip. What’s on the planning? We will start in Sydney (I don’t want to fly so far without seeing this vibrant city!) and then we will leave towards the East Coast to discover the beautiful nature Australia has to offer.

My friend got a camper, the ones that have a bed in the backseat and with a stove that you can pull out from under the bed space. It’s going to be amazing! I will be able to once again have some time off from my hectic blogger life, we will discover new places we’ve both never been at before and most of all we will create memories that will last forever! And isn’t that what life is about? Making the best out of it whenever you can! Sorry mom & dad, friends and dear readers, but this girl is going to enjoy her vacation and I might be offline during the entire trip. Can you blame me?

What about a travel visa for other countries?

Australia is not the only country that requires the necessary documents, such as a travel visa to enter the country. On Visumbuitenland.be you can find all visum informations from Turkey, United States of America, Canada, India, Egypt, Vietnam, Australia, Sri Lanka, Kenia, Myanmar, Cambodja, New Zealand, Oman, Tanzania, China, Russia, Cuba, Indonesia and Thailand. And by listing these countries I suddenly got another trip in my mind popping up! Can you guess where I would love to go to next?

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