Episode three: Blogzine’s new favorite Netflix series

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As our latest Netflix guide dates back to early summer, it was time to share our new Netflix favorites with you again. Thanks to these top series, you’ll enjoy some me-time during the cozy fall period.

A touch of drama

For all the people who love some drama with a touch of comic elements, Please like me is an absolute must-watch. In this series, you will discover the funny but also awkward side of dating as a gay man who is also enormously antisocial. Prepare yourself for everyday events blown out of proportions and whose reactions will always keep you speechless. 

“A funny series whose protagonist is extremely awkward,

which makes you want to see all seasons at once.” – Angelo

Are you a huge fan of Élite and Gossip Girl? Then Blood & Water is the ideal series for you, according to Cindy. Follow the story of a teenager who unravels her family’s secret past. Kidnapping, parties, and a private school already provide the necessary tension to keep on watching. 

Sci-fi lovers

Although the series has been out for a while now, Orphan Black remains a gem. Allow yourself to be carried away by the story in which the themes’ morality’ and ‘ethics’ of human clones are central. With this sci-fi thriller series, tension is guaranteed. 

“Even though I’m not a fan of this genre, I was amazed by this series.

I’ve even watched all the seasons in two weeks, that’s how good it was.”

– Stephanie 

To stay in the Sci-fi genre, we also have the comic strip-based series The Umbrella Academy on our favorite list. Follow the story of an emotionally unstable family with superpowers designed to prevent the end of time.  

“To be honest, I wasn’t such a fan after the first episode, but since all kinds of questions

kept popping up in my head, I continued watching. And that turned out to be

the right choice because I was completely sold

and couldn’t stop watching from episode two. “- Julie

Keep it real

Curious about the personal and professional life of housewives in Atlanta, Georgia? Then grab your bowl of popcorn and start the series The real housewives of Atlanta

“At first, I really wondered what I was looking at,

but after a while, I was addicted and couldn’t wait for the next season.”

– Stephanie

Our last favorite, Selling Sunset, will make you dream of these gorgeous houses and give you some free drama. Ideal for the drama-lovers among us who are looking for inspiration for their future dream house. 

“Experience lots of drama and enjoy beautiful homes.”

– Angelo

Above all, let us know what your Netflix recommendations are for a cozy autumn evening.

This article has been written by @JULIE ROSSEEL

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