EMMA MATRAS: Don’t worry, sleep happy

Since Cindy got diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, she has been looking for solution to ease the pain. Next to a 360° career switch, she also decided to adapt her sleeping routine. That’s how she discovered EMMA Matras and today she’s sharing her story on Blogzine.

In the summer of 2017 I got my diagnose. It took several years of high fatigue, muscles pain and chronically illness, before my family doctor realized that there was something seriously wrong with my body. And after a few months of tests and scans, I got an answer.

Fibromyalgia isn’t only causing tiredness and fatigue, you also feel like you’ve been running for hours a day. Your muscles are sore, migraines aren’t unusual and you never feel rested. Therefor I decided to give myself the best sleeping routine and comfort I could get. And in 2018 I got the EMMA Matras.

I love sleep because it’s like a time machine to breakfast

As the first night went perfectly, I decided to share my review on YouTube. With almost 10K views, this also became the most seen vlog ever on my channel. And even though I stopped posting on YouTube, viewers still find their way to my EMMA vlog. That’s why I wanted to try something new from EMMA. Because even if I’m cured today, thanks to my KETO diet, I still deserve the best nights of sleep. And so do you!

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The EMMA bed linen

The first item I’ve chosen is the bed linen set from EMMA. With its minimalistic colors, white and dark grey, it fits into any interior. You can also choose to add a sheet protection in white or grey, or to get extra single pillow sleeves. Personalize the set to your own needs and create a comfortable place to sleep in.

Next to the fact that you can create your own EMMA bed linen set, you need to know that it’s made 100% out of cotton. The pillow sleeves are cotton-silk and reversible!

So whether you move a lot while sleeping, or if you’re a sleeping beauty, you will lay comfortable in bed at any time of the day.

Get 32% off on all order with the code “CINDY32”

The EMMA Duvet

At home I have the original EMMA mattress in size 140×200. There are in total 28 different sizes available. From a kids bed, to queen- and kingsize and so does the EMMA duvet. Different sizes are available, depending on the mattress you choose.

And a good duvet is as important as having a good mattress. It has to be soft, warm and thick so I can roll around in bed and get stuck in it like a hamster. I even often fight with my best friend over the duvet whenever we need to share a bad on our travels! A duvet is like a best friend for your bed.

Informations about the duvet

The EMMA Duvet regulates the temperatures, breaths and is a light as a feather. Therefor you will never have to struggle between different seasons. It adapts to the cold and warm weather situations. Isn’t that perfect for a rainy country such as Belgium?

Next to the practical side, I also have to mention that the duvet is super soft. It feels like being wrapped in silk! And you can wash it at 60° degrees. Which means that you can enjoy a breakfast or coffee in bed without worrying about spilling your drink. Perfect mornings are assured!

Get 32% off on all order with the code “CINDY32”

It’s definitely clear that I’m a huge fan of EMMA. And even though I discovered it more than two years ago, I’m still loving it every single day. As soon as I sleep a couple of days in another bed, I’m craving to come back home. It’s the only mattress where I can sleep for hours without waking up. Therefor I couldn’t be more happy to complete my bed with the duvet and bed linen. I’m in heaven with it!

However, I couldn’t finish this article without having a little surprise for all of you. Because as I’m so happy and satisfied about their products, I’ve teamed up with EMMA to give all my followers and readers -32% discount on all orders! Use the code “CINDY32” till the 11th of May and enjoy a wonderful night.


This article has been written by @CINDYVANDYCK in collaboration with EMMA Matras.

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