Durable fashion at Di Elle and Captain Cork

Captain Cork’s Yoga Collection

For many brands, creating and taking the ecological footprint into account is not an obvious thought exercise. Fortunately, these two brands are already working on it and are doing so well. They are also the last of our series of Belgian Creator’s.

Think globally, Act locally

di’Elle by Gaelle Baekelandt

Dive to elevate, short ‘Di Elle’, is Gaëlle Baekelandt’s upcycle brand. With her studies in fashion management and her work as a model, she often came into contact with brands. A course in sustainable fashion made her dream of her own brand. Her wish was to not only create a brand with items that are beautiful, she also wants her brand to be good for nature. Because nature is where she gets her inspiration.

“I get my ideas from nature and what nature offers me.

I try to be as ecological as I can be not only in my craft

but also in my resources.”

Her collection consists not only of jewelry, but also clothing and / or other items. She describes her brand as wearable art. Because the process of creating and devising how she can give certain items new life, takes precedence.

“I work from a purely materialistic perspective

so I experiment with the material and what it can do for me.

What are it’s abilities? Once I know what to do with the material I just go for it.”

Reuse, reduce & redesign

Gaëlle works exclusively with sustainably obtained raw materials or materials and old jewelry from customers. She calls the received materials “memory items”, because they have often already experienced a story. She processes the received raw materials and makes new items with a new story.

“I found it way more interesting to make something with items and fabrics

that already had a life before, rather than always making a collection out of the blue.

By this way of creating I get to hear so many wonderful stories from my clients.

And they explain to me what they want it to be transformed in.”

Captain Cork

The durable handbags and accessories brand of Ina de Quint is no stranger to Blogzine. Earlier we already wrote a lot of articles about her innovative cork leather brand. It is and remains a very nice brand and therefore deserves an extra moment in the spotlight. 

Yoga collection

Besides handbags and accessories Captain Cork also has a very nice yoga collection. This collection consists of yoga mats, meditation balls and cushions. All made of cork and all super durable.

On 14 October Ina will also be shown on Flemish television. In a special episode of ‘Andermans Zaken’ she tells everything about her brand and her entrepreneurial story. Definitely one to watch!

Those were the last two of this month full of Belgian Creator’s. We look back on some fantastic weeks full of wonderful stories. We hope that you’ve enjoyed it as much as we did and maybe you’ve already made a few of your own. In any case, let us know via social media.

This article has been written by @ANGELO VERO in collaboration with di’Elle and Captain Cork

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