Dreams, Poetry and Luxury: Discover these three high end brands

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Unique stories and unique backgrounds, that’s what we love the most at Blogzine. As a storyteller and creative marketer Angelo gets inspired by brands that want to stand out from the crowd. Today he shares with you the story of three fantastic brands within three completely different branches of the luxury industry.

A heart without dreams is like a bird without feathers

Dreams into reality with Morphée Joaillerie

Reinventing how to make and wear jewelry, that was Pamela Hastry’s mission when she founded her own jewelry brand Morphée in 2013. Her motto is to change dreams into reality.  With her creations she desires to capture your  personal feelings and immortalize them with what is most precious to nature; gold and gems. Hence the name Morphée, which derives from the best known of three Gods of Dreams: Morpheus.

“A Morphée jewel makes you forget the notion of time so present in our daily life and gives a breath of fresh air. A form of escape in our dearest thoughts and memories as it draws a smile on the face of our beloved at each sight of the jewel.”

You can find Morphée Joaillerie at Balthasar Brussels

From sketch to wearable fine art

One of Pamela’s passions alongside the manufacture of luxurious jewelry is the art of drawing. Before creating a limited edition collection or a custom made piece, she carefully spends her time drawing the perfect sketch. While sketching, she immediately takes into account the color and reaction to light of the materials she is going to work with. Her sketches are so detailed and give her clients a fantastic avant-goût of the piece she designs for them.

Her knowledge of manipulating and working with precious metals such as gold, silver and rare gemstones comes, among other things, from her impressive track record. From London, via Rome to Paris, she studied industrial design, goldsmith and gemology with the aim of mastering every subtle aspect of jewelry manufacturing.

Are you Prêt-à-briller?

Pamela proves that exclusive and high-end jewelry can also be playful. With her collection of Prêt-à-briller jewelry, she brings lightheartedness into an industry that has a certain rigorous code. The added collection offers a series of jewels with the language of flowers and the symbolism of insects as a guiding theme. The pieces are interchangeable and allow the individual to create her own eternal bouquet according to her own mood of the moment.

“In fashion we have haute couture, couture and prêt-à-porter.

And since I am a jewelry maker, I thought to myself, we have the right to shine also everyday.”

You can find Morphée Joaillerie at Balthasar in Brussels. Here you can meet with the designer and discuss a potential personal work of art. You can also shop one of the limited editions and/or initiate your journey with Prêt-à-briller. 

From theater to luxury industry, discover Céline Hats

Céline Evrard worked closely with well-known theater director Franco Dragone for many years.   Out of necessity, but above all driven by her passion for making unique creations, she recently decided to open up her knowledge and expertise to the private sector. Now she also manufactures luxury hats for special occasions such as weddings and other ceremonies. 

Céline prefers to work with unique, natural materials that allow her to create special shapes. This is mainly due to her background as a costume maker for theater and circus. There she learned to combine beautiful color combinations with striking shapes that are still wearable.

“I love working with gentle and natural materials but also with newer transformative materials that allow you to sculpt your hat.

My preference is to work with materials that are light and elegant but that allow you to create pretty extravagant models.”

She invites clients to her studio and together they look for the perfect combination of materials and shapes. She has meticulous knowledge of what exactly can be combined and what provides a challenge. This enables her to always provide her clients with a unique design that perfectly matches their expectations as well as their personal taste.

“You have to adapt to the customer, I make each piece as unique and personal as they are.

Own collection of couture hats

Besides the many custom designs, she is also currently completing her own haute couture line. This collection includes hats, headbands and many other accessories. Among the materials you will also find feathers, silk abaca, sisal or fish leather. Céline hopes to expand this collection even further and dreams of having her own shop in Brussels and/or Paris. 

Poetry in the living room thanks to Mademoiselle Jo

Like the stories above, the story of Joan Bebronne is one that we would like to share with you. Her career takes a unique turn after 25 years. All that time Joan worked as a developer of trends, colors and fabrics in the industry world. Like a small flame her passion for architecture and shapes always shines in the background. It is only now that she follows her nature with her first collection of objects and furniture under her own brand Mademoisselle ‘Mlle’ Jo.

Traditional yet innovative

Her designs flirt on the border between design and goldsmithing. Her collections combine wood, steel, brass and leather. Those materials are also her favorite to work with to create designs that appear to be floating in space.

Joan likes to experiment with techniques, without her realizations becoming unaffordable. For this she uses her own intuition and always starts from the possibilities with the materials she likes to work with.

 I do always keep in mind that I use techniques (old and new) that are realistic in price for me and for my clients and that the projects I do are achievable.”

Functional and design

The pieces in her TOUPY collection look like a huge spinning top. The design arose from the combination of the functionality of a feeding table and the design peculiar to the spinning top. Her creation floats in the air and can perfectly be used to put keys on or any other functionality. The pure design fits perfectly into any interior.

Also her other collections combine functionality with design. Her YOUMY side tables can perfectly be placed separately or together, next to a sofa or as a bedside table. The ASSY stool is a useful art object that can also be used as a side table. It consists of pure wood or wood in combination with a leather band or brass inlay.

Joan wants her collections to be unique and poetic objects that can last a long time. For her, the  Mlle Jo pieces are meant to be passed on from generation to generation.

“I also like my pieces to be timeless and versatile, so that it can be passed on from generation to generation.”

You can find Mlle Jo her creations at By B Jewelry in Brussels

Now tell me which story convinced you the most? Or will we see you soon with a new ring and a new hat and working on your new side table?

This article has been written by @ANGELO VERO in collaboration with Morphée Joaillerie, Céline Hats and Mlle Jo

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