Dock’s Beauty Lounge: The place for all your Beauty Treatments in Santo Domingo


We all love to take a break after a busy work week or after a day of meetings. For Cindy, there is a distinct place where she takes some much-needed me-time for herself every two weeks: Dock’s Beauty Lounge in the heart of Santo Domingo. Today she shares with you why you should also schedule a day of me-time with them.

Time is what we want most, and what we use worst

Choose a personalized manicure and pedicure

They are hugely famous for it: their excellent manicure and pedicure service that you can have fully personalized. Would you like an extra hydrating mask for your feet, for example? Then you can have that as an extra to your treatment. Or do you want gel, acrylic or painted nails? No problem, everything is possible!

In the Beauty Lounge Bar itself you are immersed in a world of beauty, relaxation and cocktails. You will find a separate bar where they can serve your favorite drink, while you pick out the latest trend colors for your nails. And once you have your pedicure done in the massage chair, you can sip from your cocktail and enjoy the treatments.

More than just your nails

Of course, you can also go there for other services. Think of eyebrow shaping and makeup. So if you have a party planned or you want to make yourself up for a special occasion, you can make an appointment at Dock’s!

And their locations are very easy to find. In Acropolis, in the heart of Santo Domingo is their largest branch. And in the district of Naco, they recently opened their second store. At Plaza Miranda they also treat you with lots of love!

So you have no excuse not to be pampered during your visit to the vibrant capital!

To ensure that you can be helped immediately upon arrival, we do recommend making an appointment in advance. They can give you the best advice and together you can agree on a good time. You can reach them via the instagram page @docksbeautylounge. Enjoy your me-time treatment!

This article has been written by @CINDY VAN DYCK

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