Do you have the right motivation?


If you want to achieve your dream life, you need a strong strategy. Every success story is based on a strategy with a clear mission and vision! Wishful thinking alone will not lead you to your big dream, let alone help you live your dream life. A very important secret weapon is to have THE RIGHT MOTIVATION. So make sure you set big goals. Goals that even scare you a little.

If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re just not big enough

Your goals need to be so big that they seem unrealistic to you, but at the same time so enticing that once you have a plan about how you want to achieve them, you’ll be so excited that you’ll take massive action to achieve them. The point is that you need goals that evoke the right emotion, emotions that are strong enough that you feel the need to take massive action.

Mediocre goals produce mediocre results!

Imagine for a moment… You set a goal for yourself to take a two-week vacation to a five-star hotel in Europe, with all the bells and whistles. Or you set a goal for yourself to fly to Bora Bora, stay in a private villa with a chef at home with a pool overlooking a private beach. The first goal obviously seems more realistic, but the second goal is bound to arouse more emotions, right? However, that dream trip to Bora Bora is a realistic goal for about 70,000 tourists a year. So your “Bora Bora” goal is NOT unrealistic!

So what is stopping you from going for the second goal?  Fear and other negative emotions.

Go back in time; the very first day of school in first grade or even first high school. The night before, you were tossing and turning in your bed, unable to sleep, and a small sense of dread crept up on you. Fear of the unknown. There are so many forms of fear: fear of failure, fear of making mistakes, fear of being rejected, fear of change, and so on… Well, let’s put a stop to that feeling once and for all. That feeling of fear takes place in only one place and place only, in your head. Fear is an imagination of something that could happen that hasn’t happened yet and possibly never will.

Just read the following sentence out loud, record the audio if necessary and listen to it again and again whenever a feeling of fear creeps up on you, “An imagination of something that has not yet happened and possibly never will.” And you know what the good news in all this is? In most cases, it will actually never happen either!

In prehistoric times, fear was a life necessity, especially when hunting. But today, in our comfortable lives, it is blocking us, keeping us from moving forward. The earliest expression of fear occurs at birth, when giving birth. Babies experience a fear of loud noises, rapid movements and flashes of light. In addition, fear responses can be seen to a loss of support, to falls, and to pain. These are the only “innate” fears. All other fears are instilled in us by ourselves or by others. Because these fears have been learned and repeatedly fed by our subconscious, therefore, it is now time to unlearn these fears. 

Let’s agree that the next time a feeling of fear creeps up on you, ask yourself the question, “Am I really afraid of this?” And an even better question, “What is the worst thing that could happen to me, if my fear actually came true?” And even then you will see that you shouldn’t be afraid.

But beware, once you have defeated and overcome your FEARS, there are a lot of other feelings that are rearing their heads and are also detrimental to that dream life of yours.


Anger can not only make you physically ill, but is also extremely negative. When we are angry, it means that we hate a situation or a person or, at the very least, have very negative feelings towards them. Negativity attracts negativity, which will only cause more of these negative things to happen in our lives.


The feeling of jealousy often comes from a situation where the other person has something that feels important and valuable to you and you feel like you can’t have it yourself. This is completely unnecessary, because when you remove all negative inhibitions, the way to your dream life is open and you can get everything you REALLY want. 


One feeling that can completely paralyse you is shame. And I’m talking about the feeling where you feel ashamed of yourself, something or someone that makes you prefer to hide yourself. Let it go. This feeling will always keep you from taking action. So what do you need to do to win your game? That’s right, take action!

#Doubt & Uncertainty

Although these feelings are very similar to fear, because often doubt and uncertainty come from a feeling of ‘fear of failure’, these feelings have been taught to you to protect yourself. You may believe you can’t do something, start to rethink everything, suddenly uncertainty sets in, causing you to doubt even more, and then fear hits. BAM! And then it comes, that block to our leg, which again keeps us from moving forward.


In itself, there is nothing wrong with feeling sad. Of course things come our way that make us sad and we say goodbye to people we love during our life’s journey. And as important as it is to give yourself the time and space to acknowledge that sadness, you must never forget to give it a place within your life and move on. The world does not stand still for your grief. There will come a time when you need to pick up your life and move on.

You need to become a different person to achieve greater things. And to change yourself, you must be motivated. There must be a fire burning within you! You must have the urge to take action. Huge action! You must be willing to invest your heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears. You must be willing to do whatever it takes to reach your goals! Even if those first steps to your summit seem small and unimpressive, they are proof that you are stepping in the right direction. This will greatly motivate you to take the next step as well.

If you set a goal of which you can already see the top, your goal is too small. Set goals for yourself, which scare you a little. Of which you are shocked of yourself that you DARE to set such goals. These are the most powerful goals. Goals that will blow you away. These are the kind of goals that will ask you to get out of your comfort zone, but at the same time these are also the goals that will make you grow, that will bring you closer to your dream life.

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This article has been written by Ellen Van den branden for Time2Reconnect

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