DIY: How to make Home Decoration from Packaging Waste

Credits: Studio Glitter & Goud

Trash is only really trash if you can’t do anything with it anymore right? Nadia proves in this article that nothing is really lost and everything deserves a second life. Are you ready for some amazing DIY ideas with waste? 

Every week we have some sort of waste from packaging we bring into the house. Our immediate reflex would be to throw it away. But why? Dumping more trash will only end up on some waste land doing absolutely no good to anyone. Did you know that packaging materials are the perfect base to craft with? In this article Nadia from Studio Glitter & Goud shows you how to turn a glass jar, egg container and a cardboard box into a beautiful home decoration that suits your personal style. 

From jar to trendy vase

Vases can brighten up your interior and your mood. To make one yourself all you need is an old glass jar and some air-drying clay.

1. Roll out the clay and de-grease the glass jar

2. Attach the rolled out clay to the clean and grease-free jar with your hands or a sculpting tool

3. Make a pattern of your choice in the clay

4. Allow the clay to air dry

5. When the clay is dry you can give your vase the desired color by applying paint. 

Tip: In the vase you can place cut flowers or dried flowers. Would you like to go completely handmade? Then make your own flowers from crepe paper or from an eggs container (see next idea).

From eggs container to flowers

We often overlook simple things as we don’t consider them useful besides the first use we have in mind. However sometimes things can be more than what they are. Like a simple eggs container. It can be so much more if you dare to let your imagination run wild. Here’s one idea Nadia loves to create with an eggs container: 

1. Cut flower figures from the egg container. 

2. Give the flowers a color of your choice with paint or possibly markers. Feel free to choose a glitter paint or a fluorescent color. 

3. Do the flowers have the color of your choice? Attach a stick or metal wire to the flowers and create a beautiful bouquet. 

You can give the bouquet as a gift with a nice paper around it. Or place the flowers in a nice (self-decorated) vase. Finish off by making a butterfly out of the remaining cardboard.

Tip: Do you have leftover dried flowers? Glue the flowers into the cardboard flowers with a glue gun. You’ll instantly get an extra summer vibe to your bouquet. 

From cardboard box to colorful bird

Do you have any cardboard shipping boxes sitting around that you don’t have an immediate use for?

1. Draw a 3D puzzle of a bird on the box. 

2. Cut out the parts and decorate as you choose. Use newspaper, colored paper, stickers or paint to do this. 

3. When the pieces have the right colors you can put the puzzle together. The bird is all ready to show off on your cabinet.

Have you started collecting the packaging in your home already after reading this article? Let us know which of these creative ideas you are going to work on. Share the end result with us and be very proud of your creation. You can find more creative ideas on the website of ‘Studio Glitter en Goud‘. Here you can buy moments of happiness that you can experience yourself or give to someone else.

This article has been written in collaboration with Studio Glitter en Goud

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