Discover the islands of Croatia by sailboat

There are different ways to travel. Taking the plane or the car are the most common transportations. But how about traveling around for a week on a sailboat? Cindy discovered the Croatian islands through the beautiful blue waters and is sharing her experience today.

It’s true that I’m used to travel a lot by plane, however I love adventures. So when they contacted me to discover the Croatian islands by sailboat, I was immediately excited. And even if we didn’t do all of them, as Croatia has more than thousand islands, we did five of the must-visit islands.

Life is like sailing. You can use any wind in any direction

The departure in Split

My sailing adventure started in the harbor of Split. Together with Paulien from A Fashion Taste, I met the 10 other travel bloggers that were joining us on the trip. There were four boats in total: one for the boys group, one for the ladies and another boat for the journalists. The fourth sailing boat was for the organisators of the Croatian tourist board.

The first thing we decided to work on was the organization of the rooms. This as a sailing boat is quite compact and you need to install your luggage, clothes and important accessories in a practical way. Therefor it’s important that you don’t take too many clothes or unnecessary things with you. Make a selection of your favorite shoes, tops and dresses properly. This as you don’t want to end up reopening your luggage on a daily base while sailing.

The first three islands

The first island we’ve been sailing to was “Braç” or also called “Bol”. The plan was to have a city tour first, but due to some delayed flights we were just in time for our first Croatian dinner at “Tavern Dalmatino”. It was the night where we all got to know each other, where we shared some delicious appetizers and food. We said “Cheers” to an awesome week and went back to the harbor for our first night. I decided to sleep outside as I felt claustrophobic and I love so sleep with the fresh sea air. But honestly, it’s just a matter of getting used to the smaller rooms.

Stari Grad was the next stop! And it was probably one of my favorite islands. This small town has so much history. We visited different musea, had a tour in the city center and had a barbecue dinner in Dol at “Kokot”. It was delicious!

On the second day of our tour we went to Hvar, which is a well known Croatian island. We had another historical visit, discovered the Fort (with a breathtaking view and where we took the picture in the red car) and had lunch at Gariful where we discovered other Croatian dishes. Unfortunately we had a little storm after lunch and we had to go back to the Palmizana Harbor, but that won’t take away the memories of the beautiful city of Hvar. I can tell you that even though this was only the second day, my camera was already full with pictures!

Two days at Palmizana

Due to the storm we stayed at Palmizana for two days. However, once the storm was over, we sailed to our next destination with a stop at the Green Caves. The waters are so turquoise over there! And I wish we could’ve relaxed a little more on these waters before heading to the Island “Vis”. But in general I could’ve spent more time in Croatia.

Once arrived in the harbor Komiza, the girls and I went for a little city tour on our own. And it has truly a beautiful town. We discovered little stores, restaurants and took loads of pictures. Komiza is probably the second place I loved the most during our visit.

You even had a cocktail bar and delicious burger place called “Fabrika” and it’s definitely worth your visit if you arrive at the harbor. Another amazing thing to know about Croatia is that they make (sorry Italians) the best Pizza’s I’ve ever had. As we already spent a lot of time in restaurants, we wanted to work on our blogs/Instagram and had a cozy night outside on our boat with pizza. And when I say that it was delicious, it’s because we ate it all! With a glass of wine and our jokes we had one of the best nights ever together. And until today the girls and I are still in contact. We truly had so much fun!

Mamma Mia, here we go again

The next morning we discovered Vis, the island of Mamma Mia. We were really looking forward to it! But I have to admit that I never saw the movie before and it’s still on my to-do list.

After a rough start on the sea, we went with a taxi to join the others. They already had lunch, but the girls and I discovered Vis by ourselves. We are quite independent, aren’t we? And it resulted in some other amazing shots!

Once we finished, we joined the group and started the Mamma Mia tour. It was so much fun! We drove in Jeeps, saw different places where the movie was filmed and went to a private part of the island where we enjoyed a magical sunset. For dinner we went to “Admiral” and we even went out in a local bar with the whole group. No worries, we found our boats back without any problems!

The day before departure

On the last day we went to the Island “Solta” and this is my third favorite city of the trip. After having lunch in a luxury boutique hotel and having a lot of free time, we end the day with a dinner at “Sampjer”. It’s a restaurant on a hill with a view over the sea and with again a magical sunset. This was definitely the perfect way to end this week. The others of the group stayed an extra day in Split but I left with the French girls a day earlier.

However, whenever I have the opportunity, I will go back to discover Split and Dubrovnik. It’s on my travel list for 2021! Who want’s to join me?

It was my very first time on a sailboat and I’m very thankful to discovered another way of traveling. If you have other recommendations or tips about Croatia, please share them with me as I can’t wait to discover more. #croatiafulloflife

This article has been written by @CINDY VAN DYCK

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