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Ecology and sustainability go much further than taking a shower for less time, putting solar panels on your roof or travelling less. Sustainability in food is also important. Unfortunately, people often assume that vegan food is expensive and not always tasty. Kingslize Pizza proves you the opposite.

Pizza is the only love triangle I ever want

Vegan all the way

In the month of August we focused on Blogzine around ecology and sustainability. In addition to ecological toys, we also gave you the best reading books and offered you tips on how to do it better yourself.

Besides the conscious shopping of clothing and cleaning products, food is still one of the greatest damages on our planet. Fortunately, more and more restaurants are paying attention to vegan food, but when it comes to fast food we still see major shortages.

Or isn’t it? Because are you a bon vivant, do you like a good pizza but are you striving for vegan life? Read on, because Kingslize Pizza meets all your needs.

The Kingslize Vegan Margherita Pizza

From dough to toppings

Vegan food is not easy to find and certainly not in the fast food world or pizza chains. Kingslize Pizza is aware of that. They searched for the perfect vegan pizza base consisting of wheat, buckwheat, quinoa and rice flour, spelt, water, salt, yeast and oil. Hello vegan pizza!

But besides the dough, the minced meat, chicken and pepperoni is also one hundred percent vegan proof. Kingslize is so convinced of their new vision that soon there will also be invested in vegan cheese.

The Kingslize Vegan Pepperoni Pizza

Still room for dessert?

Still hungry after your delicious vegan pizza? Or just fancy a dessert?! No worries, here too Kingslize Pizza provides something for the vegans among us. How about a delicious piece of apple pie or vegan ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s?

More than just a vegan menu

Kingslize Pizza is the first pizzeria where you can pick up and eat in a vegan friendly way. But they also do more than that. They prove by their way of working that they consciously work around ecology and sustainability. For example, pizzas are delivered by couriers on electric bikes. 

Moreover, at Kingslize Pizza’s they consciously buy the number of ingredients they need. Although they try to avoid waste as much as possible.

The Kingslize Vegan Chicken Pizza

Did your stomach start grumbling after reading this article? Or do you suddenly have an intense desire for a delicious vegan pizza? We don’t blame you. Take a quick look at the website of Kingslize Pizza and discover their offer under vegan pizzas. Do you go for the pizza bolognese or do you prefer the margaritha? Let us know in the comments.

This article has been written by Stephanie De Vroe from @SMOTHERHOODS

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