Dior Engrave Studio: your personal gift

Finding the perfect gift can often be a long road. You start to ask yourself too many questions and you surely don’t want to end up giving something basic. It’s the “gift struggle” we all know. However, that will be history. From now on!

Every time it’s my dads birthday, or another special occasion, I start panicking. Finding a gift for my mom or friends isn’t already easy sometimes. But what do you buy them next to handy-tools or DIY must haves. Not every man is into gardening, doing small repairing jobs in the house. Even if my dad is, he always asks me to get him drinking bottles for when he goes cycling. And I’m honestly done with giving small, unpersonalized presents.

Give a fragrance that smells like love

The Dior Engrave Studio

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing more beautiful to receive than a personalized gift. It immediately connects you with the person who gave it to you and you know they’ve put an effort in choosing the gift.

And Dior knows it’s important. Therefor they’ve a new service on their webshop: engrave your gifts. The studio offers you a unique experience when shopping. Simply because you know you won’t end up with a gift like anyone else.

Like for Father’s Day for example. Their famousDior Homme Sauvage” is the perfect fragrance to give to any man. You can even perfectly combine it with the “JOY by Dior” for woman, this for a unique unisex fragrance. Which means that you and your partner will match at any time!

Engrave all your gifts

But next to engraving your Father’s Day gift, you can also engrave other gifts. Or why not offering yourself a beautiful bottle of your own favorite fragrance?

The steps are very easy. First you select the fragrance (J’adore Dior and Miss Dior) or the lipstick you want to engrave. Then you choose your message and last but not least you validate it. After validation you will receive your Dior order within two or four working days. Are you already getting exciting about buying the next gift?

Like wouldn’t it be a lovely from me-to-me gift if you get yourself a personalized lipstick? You can choose between the Rouge Dior, Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge and one of their bestsellers: the Dior Lip Maximizer. At least if you leave it somewhere, people will know it’s yours!

Credits: DIOR

You see, from now on it will be a pleasure to look for the perfect gift! Every man and woman, mom or dad, will be more than happy to receive their personalized fragrance. And to discover their whole collection, we kindly invite you to discover www.dior.com.

This article has been written by @CINDY VAN DYCK

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