Dilemma: Fashion Watch or Designer Watch?

Credits: Kobla Watches

There are so many watches on the market and that doesn’t make the choice easy. But why do we choose a particular watch brand and not another? In this article, Belgian watch brand KOBLA shines light on some important considerations that you might also make unconsciously. 

Functional and stylish

Did you think wristwatches only show you the time of the day? Or, at the most also the date? In that case, you are mistaken. Be it for ladies or for men, wristwatches have come a really long way. From being functional objects worn on the wrist to check the time, wristwatches have emerged as a style statement. 

There are vast differences between the types of watches one can wear. When going for a watch, the considerations dealt with are mostly the pricing, style and operation of the watch. And when taking into account these elements, wristwatches can be divided into 3 major categories. These are Designer watches, Fashion watches and Fast-Fashion watches. In this article we will only consider designer and fashion watches, as fast-fashion is a no-go.

Designer watches

Even though the categorization is not black and white, watches exclusively designed to create a style statement commonly fall under the category of designer watches. Not surprisingly, the cradle of designer watches lays in Switzerland, with 95% of all designer watches worldwide being manufactured in the country of cheese and mountains. Designer watches impact the personality of the wearer and are rather highly priced with prices starting from 2500€ and running to dazzling levels. Everyone knows world renowned designer brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, etc.

While these are reputed brands whose workmanship is excellent and the quality is very good, the main reason to buy a designer watch remains the desire to use it as a statement of status, confidence and glamour.

Fashion watches

Fashion watches also keep the element of style in mind, but generally speaking they are trendier and more affordably priced. A fashion watch is more often used as a supplementary element to an outfit instead of being the centrepiece of attention and a token of prestige or status. Just as with the designer watches, it was also the Swiss watch industry which pioneered the concept of fashion watches, when Swatch introduced a cheaper and fashionable variation of its wristwatch in the year 1980. This truly revolutionised watch industry worldwide and started a new era in which wristwatches became affordable to the broad public. Current brands dominating the market of fashion watches are Fossil, DKNY, Calvin Klein, etc.

Now, with such a huge range of stylish wristwatches available, you might ask yourself – should I go for a designer watch or a fashion watch? 

If you want to benefit from state of the art technologies, trends and a great value for money deal, fashion watches are certainly your preferred choice. These days, fashion watches have become the pioneers in watch industry while the designer brands have become the followers. Fashion watches have the advantage of being lean and mean, they are not glued or overcommitted to a certain image like the designer brands. This enables fashion watches to adjust quickly to changing technologies, environments and market needs. In the same context, KOBLA is being a pioneer in closed loop manufacturing by using recycled stainless steel. A technology which is proven to be successful, but which designer watches are hesitant to adopt because of the doubtful connotation which the word ‘recycled’ carried for a long time.

If you want to benefit from the status which comes along with the wearing of a designer watch and you are willing to pay the price, a designer watch might be your best fit.

But until you have made up your mind about which is best suited for you, being a true innovator with a lust for timeless quality watches, a KOBLA timepiece will always be a good idea. Get your favorite on their webshop.

This article has been written in collaboration with Kobla Watches

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