Dads deserve lots of love, but also great beauty products

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Last minute still looking for some great ideas for Father’s Day? Blogzine’s to the rescue. In a previous article we already wrote about the nicest customizable items and eco-gifts for Father’s Day. Today we’re sharing some wonderful beauty products for men. Besides the fact that they’re all great products, they all have one thing in common: they’re made in Belgium.

To her, the name of father was another name for love.

Restore the skin’s natural balance with YUN

 Daily life and all activities throughout the day can severely disrupt the skin’s natural balance. YUN has developed a range of skincare products to eliminate harmful bacteria. The SKN range is perfect for sensitive skin in need of protection. Our recommendation: the SKN face cream. Perfect for dads with a busy life.

Always fresh thanks to OY 

Nothing as annoying as sweating all day and smelling of it. Thanks to OY, that’s a thing of the past. The products contain a scientific formula that completely neutralises the activity of microorganisms that cause bad odours. Sweating, but not smelling! OY is safe for people with sensitive skin.

Available as an exfoliator for the feet and under the (unshaved) armpits, and as a body wash for the more sensitive areas.

Vegan skincare

Likami is a completely natural organic skin care brand that puts the ingredients first. No unnecessary additives. Only vegetable ingredients according to a fair recipe. So Likami products are 100% vegan and gentle on the skin. 

Our super tip for Father’s Day is the Deluxe Facial Cleaning Set. It contains botanical extracts. The products in the set cleanse, purify and moisturize the skin.

What’s included?

– Cleansing milk – 200 ml

– Facial toner travelsize – 30 ml

– Facial cleansing pad

We have one exception in the list. Because no ‘Dad’s gift list’ is complete without the perfect accessory. It is not a Belgian, but a Dutch brand that has been guaranteeing the best household appliances for years: Philips. For Father’s Day they are introducing the new S9000 Prestige. The razor of all razors.

Take care of his hands

Daddy’s also work hard and often have rougher hands because of this. That’s why hand hygiene is just as important as skincare. And with the DOU my hands moisturizing hand spray, your daddy will undoubtedly have the softest hands. And on top of that, they are disinfected as well. You hear it, it’s an indispensable beauty product to give as a gift for father’s day.

The DOU my hands handsprays:

DOU my hands NEUTRAL: A refreshing spray without any fragrance. A good all around, everyday anytime spray.

DOU my hands GINGER: A fresh scent of long lasting happiness. A spicy citrus fragrance that creates an instant summer feeling. The ideal refreshment for your hands.

DOU my hands GUARANA: A stimulating fragrance that provides you energy for the whole day. Elegant blends of lemon and warming woody notes.

Credits: DOU my hands

Would you like to get the items yourself after reading our beauty gift guide? Go ahead. We won’t tell. Although we do recommend that you wait to talk about it until after daddy’s day. Have fun!

This article has been written by @ANGELO VERO

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